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Feedback for Meladori

Mar 15, 2008

    1. I'm starting a feedback thread for Meladori who has just finished a transaction with me since she doesn't have one already.

      Meladori bought my DZ petdoll fox. There was a slight delay in payment but it was worked out in advance and was not an issue (can't make payday sooner no matter how much you want to!) Meladori paid exactly when she said she would exactly as much as we agreed to. Meladori let me know when the fox had arrived and I hope will be a wonderful home for the little guy! A wonderful buyer and I would love to do business with again.
    2. Meladori is an excellent buyer, she pays quickly and is a pleasure to deal with.
    3. Meladori purchased a head from me & she sent payment within the agreed-upon time. She was very friendly & prompt with communication. Thank you for such a lovely transaction! :D
    4. Meladroi purchase my Dollmore model body, payment made right on schedule. Great communication, she PMed as soon as she arrived. Recommended buyer!