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Feedback for Melanyte

Sep 27, 2009

    1. Starting one of these for me! If I've made a transaction with you please leave me some feedback-Thanks! :)
    2. Melanyte purchased an item from my shop, she was prompt with payment and emails.
      Would love to work with again! Thanks!
    3. melanyte participated in my sphaler split. Paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with.
    4. Melanyte bought a Soom Glati from me. Communication was wonderful and she let me know whenever she made a payment. She's a very sweet girl, and it was a lovely transaction. Thank you dear for giving my Glati a good home! :)
    5. Melanyte was involved in my Monzo split for the gargoyle legs.
      This girl was GREAT! Paid up front when she didn't have to, was always communicating and very understanding.
      I would split with her again!
    6. Melanyte won my auction for Sard parts, and I recieved all the payments very promptly and she was also patient whilst I posted him out! Thank you! :)
    7. I sold a pair of Heliot hooves to Melanyte. She was very friendly, paid on time and was extremely patient when the package got stuck and took six weeks to arrive. Perfect buyer! :)
    8. Melanyte purchased a Super Gem head from me and was absolutely amazing to do business with! :D Communication was friendly and constantly well maintained from their end and payment was instantaneous! I would be more than willing to do business with them again in the future and recommend them highly~ :D

      ♥[ Thank you for your purchase!! ]♥
    9. Melanyte joined me on a Soom MD Taco split. ^^ Paid according to schedule, very patient, fast and nice replies in all communications, and let me know as soon as the items arrived. ^^ A reliable split partner, would recommend her to anyone! ^^ Thanks for joining in my split...! ;D
    10. Melanyte has been one of the -best- sellers I've had the pleasure to deal with. I bought a luts body from her, and she was super patient with the layaway, even going so far as to let me carry it over a year and a half when family and monetery troubles put me down for a good while. She's been so patient, and has always been understanding about any troubles I had! She officially is my favorite seller, and I would definetly buy from her again, and reccomend her to anyone! She could have easily sold the body, without refunding my money, but out of the kindness of her heart, and her immaculate integrity, she stuck with me. Thanks so much, again, Melanyte!
    11. I bought Luts delf Soo tan from Melanyte, it was great deal - fast and friendly communication, nice package, fast shipping. Thanks for my dream, Melanyte, I'll be happy to deal with you again )
    12. Melanyte bought a pair of soom eyes from me! She was great to deal with- fast payment and let me know as soon as they arrived! I would definitely deal with again!
    13. I bought a HZ Guhu head from Melanyte and she not only shipped it right away, she double-boxed him to keep him safe! Great and friendly communication as well, I would highly recommend her for any transaction! Thank you so much!
    14. I purchased a pair of Bazael hands from Melanyte. The transaction couldn't have gone smoother, they were shipped out swiftly, and well wrapped. Excellent seller.
    15. Melanyte and I split a Super Gem boy ^_^ I'm super happy with how everything went, couldn't reccomend her more!
    16. I bought a wig from Melanyte and it was a very smooth transaction. She took extra pictures of it when I expressed some concern over whether it would be the right shade of red for my purposes. Communication was prompt and polite and the wig was shipped quickly. I'd be happy to deal with her again.
    17. Melanyte participated in a Soom Ario split with me and was absolutely, 100% fantastic to deal with. Quick, super friendly communication and prompt payments.

      Her parcel was very sadly lost in transit and she has, as of this post, not received her parts. However throughout the whole ordeal she's been patient, helpful and extremely understanding. Though it's something I wish hadn't happened at all, I don't think I could've asked for a better person to muck through the phone calls, tracking claims and refunds with. Thank you so much; I'm sorry that things hadn't worked out smoother.

      I would buy/sell/trade or split with her again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend her to anyone!
    18. Melanyte sold me her glati wig ^_^
      a lovely, patient and kind person, she shipped the wig most safely and carefully, and I'm really happy to have meet her ^_^
      highly recommended, thank you so much!
    19. Melanyte participated in my Soom Dune/Nor splits and was absolutely brilliant to deal with - great communication, all payments sent early, and she let me know when the parts arrived! Highly recommended and welcome back to any future splits! ;)

      Thanks so much!! :aheartbea