Feedback for Melissa

Nov 24, 2016

    1. Please note your experiences with me.

      Thank you.
    2. I sold a Volks Yori head to Melissa. The communication was great and payment was prompt! They were a pleasure to deal with! :) Thanks for the purchase!
    3. I sold a Volks F09/Mimi + SD16 girl body to Melissa.
      She was easy to communicate with and a pleasant buyer--highly recommended!
      Thanks again :)
    4. I sold a dress to Melissa. She was very pleasant to work with! Very smooth transaction. Thank you so much!:XD:
    5. I purchased an Iplehouse FID Miho from Melissa. The doll was shipped as soon as I finished the layaway early and communication was always great. The doll was a birthday present to myself so Melissa even sent me a birthday card and present along with the doll which was so sweet, I would purchase again at anytime XD
    6. Sold a Volks F-34 head to @Melissa. Great experience all around, prompt payment upon agreement, and informed upon safe arrival. Would recommend, please enjoy and thanks!
    7. I sold ZM eyes to Melissa. It was really great transaction. Highly recommended :D Thank you!
    8. Melissa bought a pair of SD shoes from me and it was a very smooth transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to Melissa again!
    9. POSITIVE Review
      Purchased a pair of volks heels and everything went smoothly. She packaged the shoes very well and shipped when she said she would (which was very quickly!). :D
    10. Melissa participated in a Tata's Paradise group order I hosted. :D

      Her order was clear, all communication was quick, and payments were very prompt. :) She was a pleasure to have in the GO, and I'd be happy to have her join one in the future.

      Thanks so much Melissa!
    11. Melissa participated in my May 2017 Leekeworld GO and was fantastic to work with. She always responded quickly to messages and invoices and kept great communication throughout the whole process. I would happily work with her again.
    12. Hi, Melissa bought a wig from me, the communication was very good, the payment fast, and she was very kind letting me know when she received the wig, totally recommend any transaction with Melissa, thank you :)
    13. I bought a MSD jacket from Melissa.
      She was friendly to deal with, shipped ASAP, and even followed up to make sure the package was delivered safely.
      She also included lovely gifts of eyes and the cutest little hairclip which have both already their place on a doll- and the actual jacket I bought is a beautiful new staple in my dolls wardrobe.
      Thanks so much for an amazing transaction! :D
    14. I purchased some boots from Melissa and they arrived packed really well and very quickly. Awesome transaction!
    15. I answered Melissa's WTB for an oldskin Volks white SD10, and Melissa wound up buying my LE Volks Leona -- it was a delightful transaction, very friendly and speedy, and I'm thrilled that Leona has a new home. Many thanks for being an absolutely perfect buyer!! :love
    16. Melissa bought some glass eyes from me. Communication was excellent and friendly, and payment was prompt. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    17. Melissa participated in my July 2017 Leekeworld GO and was great to work with again! She responded to messages and invoices promptly, was patient when Leeke delayed shipping our order, and let me know that her items arrived safe and sound. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Thank you for participating again!
    18. I bought an older 1/4 Souldoll body from her and it was it great condition! Very pleasant transaction and super nice!!
    19. Melissa participated in my most recent FMD wigs group order. While things went very off schedule with the company, they were patient while I dealt with the issues and did a great job of communicating as things progressed through the order. I'd definitely welcome them into a future GO!
    20. :goldstarPositive feedback:goldstar

      bought from me a full doll Sadol Dal-Ha.
      It was a perfect transaction, great communication, fast payment and quickly responses. :3nodding:
      I'd highly recommend her! Thank you again :3nodding: