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Feedback for MelodicAria

Nov 4, 2011

    1. Just wanted to get this made, as I have a few transactions that will wrap up soon :) Hopefully you have positive feedback to leave!
    2. MelodicAria bought a Bluefairy Tommy/Olive hybrid doll from me. She had excellent communication and paid promptly. It was a pleasure doing business. I hope you enjoy her very much. :)
    3. MelodicAria participated in my LeekeWorld GO!, and she was so sweet and kind. She was great, paid quickly, and was patient while I tried to scramble to get all the packages in the group order shipped. Overall, I would higly recommend her for anything, and would love to do business with her again. :D
    4. MelodicAria bought a pair of eyes from me. She paid quickly and had great communication. A wonderful transaction, I would love to do business with again! :)