Feedback for Member sxdxr

Apr 8, 2017

    1. Seeing as there's no feedback thread for this member I will post this here to give my review on the transaction I've had with the member sxdxr.

      First off, they do not hold their sales to honor.

      I purchased a Delf Vampire Woosoo from them (for which they've deleted the thread of the sale as well) but here are pictures of the doll that was for sale.

      I purchased the doll from sxdxr for 250 USD including shipping was 333 USD to which I paid on 4/7/2017 April the 7th. The following morning I receive this message.

      In essence they backed out on the sale even though I paid for the doll in full. The shipment was to be arranged for collection on monday. They took my doll and sold it to someone who was offering more money.

      The same morning I get a refund that I did not agree to and find that the refund isn't even a full refund because low behold paypal charges fees. So in effect I've lost money and NO doll.

      I give you this evidence so people will know before they buy from this member that they do not care if you bought the doll, if someone comes along and offers more money than you have (even when you have paid for it) you no longer have rights for the doll.

      This would not have been a problem for me if I had not paid for the doll already and in effect was looking forward to owning him. Overall I'm very angry and disappointed at this transaction.

      Buyer's be warned. Is their profile.

      EDIT: The fee's have been refunded today.
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