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Feedback for Meow~

Jul 3, 2006

    1. please leave a feedback here~
      thank you very much~
    2. :D i bought a ciel's head from Meow 5 days ago and the beautiful one is already here!
      exactly as described, very well packed. Meow gave me the tracking number as soon as possible and responded to each of my mails.

      :daisy you were a real pleasure to deal with. serious, friendly and very helpful. ;)
    3. I just received my gorgeous SD13 boys clothes from Meow. The items shipped quickly Meow responded to my questions right away!
    4. I bought one of Meow's beautiful FV studio outfits. Meow is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you! :D
    5. Just received my beautiful FV Studio outfits -- LOVE them! Meow was very friendly and helpful in the ordering process. Thank you very much ^_^.
    6. Received my FV Studio Outfits. Lovely as always. Meow is great to work with and is very very concerned about keeping her customers happy. Thank you!! ^^
    7. I bought a dress off Meow, it was a pleasant, smooth. transaction-- quickly shipped and the dress was exactly as shown.
    8. Meow helped me buy some boots I REALLY wanted off of TaoBao (I couldn't register and bid myself, because I'm not in China and don't read very much Chinese). She was very helpful, and the boots arrived well-packed and perfect! Thanks so much, Meow!
    9. I've bought an outfit from FVstudio, and Meow was really helpful~!
      We thought it was lost in the post, but my dad hadn't told me it had already arrived home >.....>
      Meow did a great job trying to help~! And the outfit is brilliant~!
      So many thanks Meow~!
    10. I bought 3 outfits from Meow and they are all fabulous. Thank you!!
    11. I bought some FV Studio outfits through Meow and just received them. Although it took awhile for them to arrive, the clothes were awesome and lovely! Meow was helpful in the process even in her busy schedule. Thank you very much :)
    12. Double-post from lag. Please delete.
    13. I bought a FV Studio outfit through her. She did a wonderful job of answering my questions, and getting the package safely to me!!! Even though she was quite busy, she tried her best to be prompt in answering my pms. Thank you~~
    14. Ordered and received 2 beautiful outfits from Meow, very freindly and great stuff!
    15. Ordered and received absolutely lovely outfit. Very professional quality! Arrived just before it was expected! ^___^
    16. I bought 2 outfits form meow, and they are "FAB" and very well made, I will deffo buy from meow again 100&#37;, all round super service!!!!! ( >_< )
    17. Items received!

      I participated in a group order and she mailed shoes to incorrect address. I never received them and she hasn't responded to queries.
    18. From me paying it took just over a month for my outfit to arrive, but was totally worth the wait! Stunning quality outfit, such a huge box of goodies!! Thanks~
    19. Recently ordered another 2 outfits and they fit my different sized boys so well! Alex
    20. I bought some MSD shoes from Meow, and it was a very quick and easy transaction.many thanks!:)