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Feedback for Merangel

Aug 17, 2006

    1. This is my feedback thread. If we do business please leave your feedback here.
    2. I bought an outfit from her, great communication, fast shipping and excellent service.

    3. Bought a doll from Vicki.....great communication, doll in mint condition, speedy shipping, doll was securely packaged.
      I couldn't have asked for more, Thanks!
    4. I recently bought from this lady and she was 100% with the deal. Great person to deal with.;)
    5. I traded my Elfdoll Wu for a Sleeping Hanael and a little bit of money with Vicki. She shipped quickly and kept up good communication. She's really friendly and alway a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much, Vicki!!!!!! :D
    6. Merangel bought a Dollfie bag from me. She pays super fast and is just the nicest person I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much Vicki.
    7. I made a partial trade with Vicki and she is a wonderful person to deal with, she was very trustworthy and shipped out promptly and fast. THank you so much Vicki you are a great trader, buyer and seller in all :D
    8. Merangel sold me a wig and I sold her a leopardskin coat. :)

      As always, a complete pleasure to deal with! Wig arrived promptly with a little surprise ;)

      (clue: it was a Totoro)

      Thank you dear Vic!

      wheee boinga boinga:hamster:
    9. Bought a shirt from Vicki. Shirt arrived so fast and was well packaged. Vicki kept in touch and even PM'd me to make sure it arrived. A pleasure to deal with - thanks again!
    10. What a wonderful and painless transaction. I would definately buy from you again. An A++++ Job! Thanks I can't wait till my doll gets here.

    11. Merangel is really a good buyer ^^ nice to deal with~
      thank you very much~;)
    12. Merangel is really a good buyer ^^ nice to deal with~
      thank you very much~;)
    13. I would buy from her again and again!! Wonderful seller! Excellent communication! (and friendly too!) Super well packed. (three boxes plus bubble wrap for a doll head. :P She wasnt going to shift anywhere in that box) and Fast shipping! A++++++++!

    14. She is a really nice seller, great to talk to. shipping was fast and my bag arrived in perfect condition. thank you.
    15. XD I bought a Dollmore msd sized body from Vicki! It just arrived today and I'm so happy with it I could burst!

      She kept in contact with me, shipped out right away and kept me posted that it was in transit and it arrived in great conditon!

      Vicki is an awesome seller and I'm super happy I did business with her!

      Mad props Vicki
    16. I bought a very awesome vintage kimono from Merangel, she was very sweet and very quick to ship (It got to me in two days! :D) I would highly suggest her, she's super sweet and had great communcation :3 I would totally buy from her again :D
    17. Merangel is a gret buyer, Glad you like those eyes
    18. Sorry I hadn't left this sooner!
      I traded hats with Merangel, and sent her an SD mohair hat. We've had great transactions both times- she's a wonderful customer, very friendly and nice to deal with (and ships quickly!):)
    19. I adopted the gorgeous elf Soph from Vicki and she is a delight to work with.
      And I'm so thrilled to have gotten one of my dream dolls!
    20. bought an EL, super fast shipping and very well packaged thank you so much he's lovely!