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Feedback for Merle in MD

Jun 19, 2007

    1. Please feel free to record your transactions with me in this thread.
    2. I have known Merle since my days as a jeweler for 16" fashion dolls, and the entire time she has been nothing but a joy to deal with. She is always on the ball with communication, and payment is prompt as well. Besides that, she's also great to chat with, and a good friend in the doll world. I've had the pleasure of doing a few faceups/mods for her, made numerous jewels for her, and she has participated in group orders that I have done with Luts and 4D.

      What more can I say? 2 thumbs up, thanks Merle!
    3. Merle is a doll.. I wouldnt hestiate for an instant doing any kind of transactions with her..

      And I can highly recommend her .. shes one of the best
    4. Merle participate in my Luts group order. Very good communication, fast payment, easy to deal with. Thank you so much!
    5. Merle in MD bought eyes from me. Great communications and let me know when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    6. I wish I'd noticed Merle had a feedback thread earlier!

      I've done three large-scale transactions with Merle (I've sold one body to her then customised and blushed two others). Each time she's been clear and cheerful in her communication and very prompt with payment. You'll not find a better buyer anywhere.
    7. Merle has joined a few of my Leeke group orders. She always pays fast and is a pleasure to work with.
    8. Merle bought a couple of tibetan wigs from me. Excellent to deal with. Definitely recommended.
    9. Sold 3 Volks wigs to Merle in MD. A polite and efficient buyer, highly recommended! Thank you. :daisy
    10. Merle joined another one of my group orders. However this time it was with Luts. She was very communicative, and worked well with me. It was a great order and a pleasure having Merle in it.
    11. I sold Merle a dress and she was a fantastic buyer, great PM's and quick to pay.
      Thanks so much!
    12. Merle bought 2 pairs of Puki shoes from me with great communication and instant payment. Thanks so much:fangirl:
    13. Merle is a delightful person to do business with. Excellent transaction every time!

      God Bless

    14. I had an excellent transaction with Merle when she purchased some jeans from me. Her communication is top notch, she sent payment right away, and I heard from her as soon as the package arrived. She's an excellent buyer.

      Thanks so much - five stars! :goldstar

    15. quick, fast payment, great communication:chocoberry
    16. Merle is GREAT to deal with. I did some commissions for her on a layaway basis and she always paid on time, great communication, and I've enjoyed getting to know a nice person over the last few months. Trustworthy, pleasant transactions all the way.
    17. Merle was in a Luts GO i ran. very pleasant, fast paying, and super easy to work with :)
    18. Merle in MD participated in a group order I ran. She paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended.
    19. Merle in MD purchased a lati wig from me. Payment was quick and communication was great. Much appreciated. Thanks :)
    20. I sold a pair of eyes to Merle in MD.
      The transactions was flawless.
      -Great communication.
      -Prompt payment
      Definitely a buyer worth doing business with again.