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Feedback for metalheadneko

Jul 3, 2008

    1. this is for feedback from anyone having had trasactions with me:)
    2. I sold a practice head and metalheadneko was terrific to deal with! Great communication and follow-through!
    3. I sold a head to metalheadneko and everything went through just fine. Would sell to metalheadneko again!
    4. I also sold a head to metalheadneko, and it was a great transaction! She was very nice to deal with, and was very patient when it took me longer than expected to ship it out :sweat Highly recommended, and thanks again <3
    5. metalheadneko did a modding job for me and she did and excelent job!:aheartbea very quick and kept in contact with me the whole time verry nice to deal with I will use her again if I need anything modded :D:fangirl:
    6. bought a head. very cheap and fast shipping!! thanks!
    7. I just sold Metalheadneko an Orientdoll Il and the transaction went beautifully. Payment was super-speedy. Communications were prompt and friendly. I'd deal with her any time and recommend her highly.
    8. Just sold this person a MNF shiwoo head. She paid quickly and was just wonderful to deal with. SHe let me know the head arrives. Would gladly sale to again
    9. I did a trade with metalheadneko, a face up from me for a head of hers and everything went great! ^^ Thanks a bunch!
    10. I bought a head from Metalheadneko, and she shipped quickly and was great to deal with I would buy from her again!
    11. I did a trade with metalheadneko between wigs. I traded my Volks MSD silver wig for her Luts 08 Event wig. I am very happy with the communication I got and I HIGHLY recommend this seller!
    12. Metalheadneko bought a shushu head from me. She paid right away and was super easy to deal with! I would not hesitate to work with her again!
    13. This is super late, but better late than never? I was metalheadneko's split partner for a Minifee; her the head(s) and me the body. She led the split and it was the best split I've ever been in. :D

      She was very friendly and kept me informed when it shipped, when it arrived and when she mailed it to me. She even offered to take pictures of the body, and she checked it over really well. She shipped it to me within a very short amount of time. She paid the shipping cost from her to me, and she sent it in the original fairyland box and included the stickers and postcards! :)

      I would recommend her and I'd be more than willing to deal with her again! Great experience, totally satisfied.