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Feedback for Metalkatt

Jun 8, 2006

    1. Please post feedback for Metalkatt here. Thanks!
    2. Eeekkk! Hi! I have ta say Metalkat-san is uber great! :D I definitly recommend transactions with this member! :whee:
    3. I bought a wig from Metalkatt and we had so much trouble with the post office! Thanks for being to patient and helpful!
    4. great to deal with as a buyer... i recomend her to anyone :D :D
    5. I've done custom work for Metalkatt. She sends payment when she says she would, has good communication, and is very pleasant to work for :daisy.

      She is a wonderful doll owner as well (much :aheartbea to Konna and Metalkatt).
    6. Such a sweetie and also such fast payment :] Hope your Hound enjoys his new couch!
    7. Wonderful seller! Got my wig in no time and great with communication! n_n <3
    8. I bought some Hound camo pants and they arrived super fast!! sent them out on 9/23 and I got them on the 25th!! can't get any faster than that!! great transaction!

      thanks so much
    9. Great experience with Metalkatt as a seller. Good communication, and she was very polite and paid promptly. Thanks~
    10. Metalkatt is terrific! She bought a jacket for Hound from me--kept up great communication, paid promptly, and was nice enough to let me know when the package arrived. Three cheers! :daisy
    11. Awesome seller, really nice and great communication. Fast shipping too

      Wig was great:)

      thank you:)
    12. Very nice person to buy from! Does better follow-up than this sorry excuse of a buyer!
    13. Now, now, it's all right. Computer problems can get even the best of us. I'm just glad it arrived all right. ^_^
    14. (I'm so sorry this feedback is late)

      I did a custom rosary for Metalkatt some time ago, who was a pleasure to work for, good communication and transaction. A+ :D
    15. Negative feedback. She agreed to split and buy Naruri head from me. sent an echeck. I placed he order before it clears and sent her all info until head got here. Before shipping out the head, which i agreed to pay priority shipping plus tracking. She wanted me to pay for insurance also. Saying if anything happens, she will have to take money back from me as i should take responsibility for any damages by po. I didn't think it's fair to blame me if you choose not to purchase insurance yourself instead of me. Sent her a refund via echeck the minute after. She file a dispute with paypal still. The echeck takes days to clear just like when seh sent to me in the first place. Glad i did not got through with it. x

    16. Swan20 was fine until I asked for insurance--for which I was perfectly willing to pay, once I knew how much it would be. I asked for it as a protection on both our parts so she would not have to refund me if the post office damaged the head. She took offence to the idea that she should take responsibility if her shipping methods caused the head to arrive damaged, and demanded to back out of the transaction. There was no notification at all that a refund had been sent for processing, so after three days, I opened a dispute through paypal. I have spent the past hour combing through the account, and have finally uncovered information that the refund was started. I have closed the dispute.
    17. Sold a little finger ring to Metalkatt, was really nice to deal with! She was really understanding when the package took long to reach her, thank you very much! TwT
    18. Metalkatt is a good buyer~~
      Wonderful transaction!
      Thank you!
    19. Wonderful to deal with!
      A beautiful seller! ^___^
      Great communication! =3
      And now I'm waiting for my NaNuRi 07!! *love*
      thank you very much!
    20. Metalkatt was a wonderful reliable buyer, I would reccommend her to anyone! Thank you!