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Feedback For Metatron

Apr 11, 2007

    1. Please leave feedback for me here. :)

      Thank you very much
    2. Metatron bought an Elf Yder head from me and it was a great transaction! Even with the language barrier things went smoothly, she was very pleasant to deal with and paid promptly. :)
    3. Metatron bought a Sleeping Shiwoo elf head from me and it was a smooth transaction. She paid very very quickly and was lovely to 'talk' too. I recommend her!
    4. I bought a gorgeous hound from her! :aheartbea Even though english isn't her first language, she made sure I understood everything and commincated with me brilliantly. 100% recommended!
    5. I sold Metatron a doll item, she was very nice it was a great transaction.

    6. sold my elf yder to metatron. payment was super quick. great trasaction^^
    7. I sold my Sleeping Elf Shiwoo head to Metatron - it was my first ever personal transaction via DOA, and it had been very pleasant ^^
    8. I sold my doll to Metatron
      Quick payment & great communication!
      It was a WONDERFUL transaction!!!!!!!!
      Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks, Metatron ! ^_^ !
    9. I sold a doll head to Metatron. It was a wonderful transaction! :)
      Payment was incredibly fast!!! The buyer is friendly & communication was great!

      I am happy my doll went to such a nice person.
    10. Another great transaction with Metatron!
      Quick payment & great communication!
      Fantastic buyer!!!!!!!
      Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks, Metatron !
    11. I bought a gorgeous Shiwoo elf SS head from her ^^
      Great communication and very quickly shipping
      100% recommended
    12. i bought a Woosoo head from Metatron and she was suuuuuuuper nice and kept it for me for a few months to let me pay it off.....that was very appreciated....and the head got here very quickly once it was paid off

      thanks! :)
    13. Metatron order me various face-ups commissions; great comunication and fast payment, thanks a lot! :D <3
    14. I've bought Super Gem girl body from Metatron, everything went off very nice.
      And the body was packed REALLY wonderful.
      Many thanks!!!
    15. I bought an Amelia head (painted by Sakuli) from Metatron, and it was a SUPER wonderful transaction. From asking about the head, to paying for it, to Metatron sending it out to me was about 2 and a half hours! :D SO FAST! It was packed safely and arrived in perfect condition. Could not be happier! ^^ Thanks again!
    16. I bought a gorgeous EL Vamp from Metatron. Communication was wonderful, and she was really nice to offer layaway for the head. She shipped it out really fast once it was paid off, and the item arrived safely and very well packed. I'd definitely recommend her to everyone! Thank you Metatron <3
    17. Metatron bought a doll from me and was lovely to work with - very responsive and patient, listened and was understanding and generous. A kind, thoughtful person, and easy to work with. A fabulous person to deal with - I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell from Metatron!
    18. Metatron bought a Juri Head from me and she was very kind and understanding when italian post office took so long to get her package to her.
      also she paid super fast and she kept a good comunication!
    19. Metatron bought an Yder elf sleeping head from me. Great commincation, quick payment, very easy to work with. I would buy from or sell to her again without qualms.

      Thank you!
    20. I just completed a transaction for a Dia head with Metatron. It went smoothly and superfast and I love the head!