Feedback for Meyneth

Mar 25, 2017

    1. I'm actually entering the second hand market. Post your feedback (and condolences) here, thanks! :)
    2. Meyneth bought a Supiadoll Lina head from me and everything was easy and nice! Answers were prompt, payment was fast and Meyneth let me know when the doll arrived!
      Thank you so much for the transaction!
    3. Meyneth bought full set Jo March from me. She is one of the loveliest buyers I’ve ever had. She’s great at communication, and payments were made very promptly. She’s kind and patient and I will definitely do business with her again without a doubt!
      Thank you!
    4. Meyneth bought a full set Lorina II from me after I contacted her regarding her WTB post. She is hands down one of the best buyers I have ever had. She paid promptly and replied to every message swiftly. I will not hesitate to deal with her again in the future.
      A++ for this transaction!
      Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction M!
    5. Meyneth purchased a Serenadedoll Ava from me and the transaction was perfect! Great communication and all went smoothly from start to finish.
      A real pleasure to deal with, thank you! xx
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    6. I sold an item to Meyneth, and everything went swimmingly. They provided fast payment, prompt/lovely/clear communication, and notice of arrival. Thank you so much for a great sale, I would be happy to work with you again!
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