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Feedback for miakyou

Oct 8, 2007

    1. Hi, guys

      If you had a transaction with me before, please give me the feedback.
      Thank you!
    2. Hello (Harloo) All,
      I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a Luts El body from Miakyou and couldn't have had a more pleasant experience. We communicated throughout the transaction and everything went as smooth as possible. She's a wonderful seller and I highly reccommend doing business with M! She's a real sweetie!
      Thank you for everything,
    3. I purchased a Traditional Emperor's Outfit from Miakyou and it was a wonderful experience. She was very helpful and answered all my questions, and also waited patiently while my funds transferred from one place to another. She even provided extra pictures when I asked with no fuss at all. The outfit came well packed and safe, and the whole business was very nice. I highly recommend this seller as one of both wonderful service and understanding.
      Thank you for a pleasant time.
    4. miakyou bought one doll from me.

      Good communication and polite PMs. Payment was done quickly.
      Miakyou is a very nice buyer.

      Thank you very much for the smooth transaction!! :)
      I highly recommend Miakyou. :aheartbea
    5. miakyou joined my luts GO, great transcation, good communication and prompt payment, thanks!
    6. miakyou bought a doll from me, great communication and fast payment, thank you! :aheartbea
    7. Miakyou allowed me to purchuse a doll from her, wonderful communication top notch, and shipping was super fast and she was packaged up really well. Very patient a very good seller. Thank you again! <3
    8. I purchased a limited doll head from miakyou, it was in great condition and very well packaged.
      Many thanks!
    9. I purchased a NS Vampire Breakaway head from miakyou, it arrived in perfect condition, well packaged and she was always friendly and informative, kept in constant contact throughout the sale. Highly recommend to all.
      Thanks so muuch again.
    10. I was in a Luts group order with maikyou heading it and it was great. Not a lot of fuss from her and my purchased arrived in good time. Thanks!
    11. I purchased a body from miakyou, and she was very patient in allowing a layaway, and shipped very quickly at the completion of paying. Very nice person to deal with!
    12. I was in Miakyou's Luts group order. She had great communication (answered PMs quickly and gave us frequent updates) and everything ran really smoothly!
    13. I was also in the Luts GO that Miakyou ran. Everything went smoothly once the shipping was worked out, and I received my item quickly and well packaged :)
    14. I joined on a Luts group Miakyou host, she was so sweet and very communicative, I will join on another order group with her. Thank you:)
    15. Was in on the Luts order as well, and miakyou kept up wonderfully in communication and overall the order went smoothly (even though Luts left out an s-hook :doh - not miakyou's fault though).
    16. I joined a Luts GO hosted by Miakyou, and it was great! Miakyou was super friendly and made everything easy and let me know everything as it happened. I'd gladly do business again, thanks!
    17. I joined the Luts group order run by Miakyou and she was very friendly and kept us very up to date on how the order was going. Thank you!
    18. Miakyou sold me a beautiful dress. :aheartbea for my SD girl.
      The dress was in perfect condition.

      Communication was friendly and helpful.
      I would definitely recommend dealing with Miakyou

      Thank you so much

    19. I purchased a luts wig and I am very satisfied with the transaction. She was upfront and gave all the information in a timely matter. The wig was in perfect condition and i even got a cute little gift XD
    20. I split a DOT Limited Delphine with miakyou. She allowed me to hold on her layaway for a while untill i could get the funds to pay for her and kept me constantly updated on her status.

      If it hadn't been for her i never would've gotten my dream girl! I can't recommend miakyou enough, completely trustworthy and wonderfull to work with!