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FeedBack for Mich3647

Apr 6, 2009

    1. I did buy some stuff from members in DOA
      & sell some stuff here too ^w^

      leave a feedback for me if
      we did any selling or buying with one another ^w^

      thanks :D
    2. Oh, I'm very glad to be the first one to give Mich3647 a good feedback. She just purchased a SOOM chrom from me. She is very lovely and we communicated too much to each other ^ ^ She is a wonderful buyer who paid promptly and kindly let me know when she pick up the package. Thank you very much :)
    3. I bought a Soom Chrom head from Mich3647 and she was so nice and communicative! He arrived safe and well packed, thank you so much! ^^
    4. Mich3647 joined my dollmore go, her replies were fast and payment were prompt.
      Really a great G.O participant! :)
    5. Mich3647 joined my Ndoll Go recently!
      As usual, fast replies but although there were some "hiccups" along the way, payment still came in as promised. :gingerbreadman
      Thanks for being really cooperative! <3
    6. I bought two wigs from Mich3647 and while it took a while to ship, transaction went well I got the wigs and they are lovely (also because of the wait I was given an extra one wich is really sweet :D

      Also, Mich3647 is a really nice person when you actually get to chat with her :)
    7. I sold Soom Beyla to mich3647. She is excellent to deal with. Good communication and swift payment. 100% positive! :)
    8. I bought a Luwen head from Mich3647, everything went well in all aspects of the transaction! Thanks!
    9. I bought a great wig from Mich! It arrived in a timely manner and well packaged. Thanks!
    10. Bought a Beyla wig from mich 3647. The wig arrived a bit late, but in good condition and communication had been good. I'm completly satisfied with this transaction.
    11. I bought a beautiful crobidoll wig and punk clothes from Mich!

      The transaction was just fine, the itens arrived well packed and in good condition! I recommend this seller! ^_^

      Thank you, Mich! ^____^
    12. I purchased a Luts SSDF Cirrus head from Mich3647.

      She had changed the shipping method to registered mail without telling me as she claimed to have charged me insufficiently for EMS (which was supposedly $10 more). I only found out when I was asking for the tracking number and she instead gave me the reg. number for the Singapore Post Limited.

      When the head finally arrived, it is wrapped only in bubblewrap, without a face protector to guard the faceup.

      The overall transaction hasn't been as smooth as I had hoped, and I don't think I'll purchase from Mich3647 again, though I wish her the best of luck and hope that others' transactions with her will be better than mine had been.
    13. Did a face-up for Mich3647 on a modded Breakaway. She responded quickly to my inquiries and was adaptable about changing the face-up design that we had discussed prior to the doll arriving to accommodate the mods on the doll that were done by someone else. I felt she was very understandable about what had to be done, and I'm glad that she and I are both very satisfied with the outcome. He came out to be very pretty! : ) The doll was packed with a faceguard taped to the headcap, which surprised me-- but it was secure, and he was wrapped well and arrived without any damages from shipping. She paid immediately when the face-up was done and stayed in contact with me throughout. Thanks for the opportunity to paint a Breakaway!
    14. I purchase a really cool T-shirt w/ the letters on it :aheartbea from mich3647 her communication and care was A+++ :thumbup
    15. I did a face-up commission for mich3647 ^ ^ She was wonderful to do business with & an extra A++ because she is an international customer for me ; ) She pays asap! and is soooo super nice and easy to work with! Thankies for letting me paint your doll; and perhaps in the future we may work together again <333
    16. Mich3647 is a real darling to buy from, my item was well wrapped and perfect just how the description said. Mich3647 kept me fully up to date and i would highly recomend anyone to buy from this lovely.

      thank you so very much im really thrilled with my purchase xxxx
    17. I purchased her angel of dream doll GU. He arrived packed well and unbroken.
      However she did not send the wig that was suppose to be sent with him nor the eyes that were said to come with him in the description. Also she changed the shipping method to Airmail instead of EMS with out telling me. Which i wanted first and wanted the price to be dropped to $250 and she refused but did it anyway after the transaction was made.
      I love the boy but he was filthy when he arrived and also I asked her to remove the earring in his ear before shipping which also was not done.
      over all I would give her 3/5 stars as a seller.

      Thanks for the beautiful boy.
    18. mich3647 sold me two clothing items they were shipped quick :) packed well. Very happy with the transaction.
    19. I bought a fur wig from mich3647. I'm really happy with it. Thankyou.
    20. Bought a few clothes from mich3647, the shipping was so fast and she was ever so friendly! I highly recommend!