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Feedback for Michiiyuki

May 7, 2007

    1. Hello~ I just start selling ^^ I will try my best to provide the services you desire! So please let me know how i'm doing, and what areas I should improve :)

    2. Bought a really cute lace necklace from Michiiyuki. The transaction was made in person ^^ She is super nice and easy to deal with. Will definitely buy from again!
    3. Bought one of Michiiyuki's beautiful lace necklaces. It was packaged very well and communications were super smooth. She is a wonderful seller and I will definitely buy from her again. Thanks so much!
    4. Bought some of Michiiyuki's lace necklaces, communication was really smooth and she's been super nice about everything, including the major screw-up with the local post office. :aheartbea

      Edited to Add:
      The packaging it came in was lovely, and the quality is great. :D Awesome seller~
    5. I sold a Dollmore Chacha set to michiiyuki, and I must say that she is absolutely wonderful! Paid very quickly and sent the money very securly! I definately reccomend her to anyone wanted to buy or sell ^_~*

      I also got an amazingly cute business card ^_~*
    6. I bought 2 of her Fukubukuro sets. The items came quickly and are all lovely.
    7. Bought a necklace from Michiiyuki. :) It was shipped quickly and arrived very well packaged. :D Excellent seller!
    8. I bought a copper headpiece and choker for MSD from Michiiyuki, who also gave me another choker as a free gift. She was also courteous and prompt during our exchange.
      All the pieces are nicely detailed and very well-made. The designs are simple but very elegant. :starcookie
    9. I bought a necklace and a fukubukuro pack from Michiiyuki, and the fukubukuro was stuffed with such beautiful goodies. :D Communication was great, and she made sure to check that I got everything okay. Would definitely buy from again. Thank you so much!
    10. I bought 2 collars from Michiiyuki and they arrived on time (the hollidays didn't late them *-*).
      Very well made and send with care~ *-* She's great with jewellery!
      I love the collars' little bag xD Will be my doll bag now, it's really cute xD

      PMs was fast replied ^_^ Good person to deal! I recommend her for sure!
    11. I ordered quite a few items from Michiiyuki and got all within the same week. I would have gotten them sooner but due to the holidays...yeah. But overall I had a great exchange with Michiiyuki and will indeed conduct business with her again sometime in the future.

      Definitely recommended!

    12. I bought something the last week, and the shipment was very fast!! It arrives today and I'm so happy with it!

      Recommended 100%!
    13. This is my second purchase, and this time I got a MSD girl Mystery pack. The variety was great, from really cute items like a bell corded necklace to more sophisticated pieces like chain belts. Emails were promptly replied and she checked to make sure I got everything okay. Very nice!
    14. I bought neckpieces from Michiiyuki and I am delighted with the transaction….communication was good and delivery was speedy
      And thank you also for the gifts enclosed too :)

      Thank you very much indeed :thumbup

    15. i loved the bundle of the jewelry i got from miss Michiiyuki!
      not only wa did it come fast, it was very cute and well made.
    16. Arrived within 2 or 3 days! The packaging, and the jewelry bag is very cute, and neat, the jewelry was safely secured inside. Michiiyuki is very nice, I'd definitely buy from her again ^^ Great seller!
    17. I bought some from Michiiyuki, and i couldnt be more happier!!! I have bought alot doll jewerly and these pieces have to be the most stunning i've come across. would totally buy from her again!! thank you so much
    18. I bought a treasure box necklace from Michiiyuki. It's wonderfully made and she shipped it very fast. Will do business with again.
    19. I bought a mystery pack of jewelry, and although it was shipped very quickly, after it didn't show up for several weeks michiiyuki generously made up another and sent it again. As it happens, BOTH of them arrived the same day! The second one took only a few days to arrived, the first one was floating around the postal system for several weeks. She was so sweet about the whole thing.

      Both of them were full of absolutely gorgeous jewelry. I would most definitely buy again!
    20. Amazingly fast service. Very friendly and fun to deal with. And my shiny things are mad cute! Thank you much! I'll send pics soon :D.