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Feedback for Michu

Dec 2, 2009

    1. Please leave any feedback for me here. Thank you.
    2. Michu purchased an MSD sized capelet from me. Very friendly, quick and prompt with PMs and payment, and let me know as soon as the item arrived. Excellent transaction and thank you again!
    3. Michu participated in my M3 studio group order! Excellent communication, and super fast payment! would love to work with Michu again!! Thank you~:)
    4. Airpwane participated in my dollmore group order. She was prompt with payment and very easy to communicate with, would definitely work with her again in another GO!
    5. ....I really meant Michu, sorry! Had multiple tabs open in my window!
    6. Michu participated in my epic Leeke GO! She was super nice and paid on time. Thank you so much for joining us!
    7. Michu commissioned/purchased two Yo-SD dresses from me. She was great about communication as well as prompt payment! Such a sweet heart to transact with :-) Thanks!!

    8. Michu participated in my Custom House group order....Communication was great and payment was quick! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again!
    9. Michu participated in my LUTS GO. Great communication and fast payments! It was a very nice experience working with her^^ Thank you for joining my GO!
    10. Michu commissioned two faceups from me for her adorable CH girls - she was an absolute pleasure to work with - total sweetheart, excellent communication, lightening fast payment - I'd highly recommend her!! :)

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    11. Micu got a MSD Gothic Lolita skirt from me. Communication was excellent and the payment went out smoothly. Great customer and she let me know when my product arrived! Sell/buy with confidence!
    12. Micu got a MSD Gothic Lolita skirt from me. This is her second time buying! Everything went well, she paid promptly and pmed me once she received it! Couldn't be happier, hope to do business again!!!
    13. Michu participated in my Happy Camiile GO and was very pleasant to work with! Quick payment and great communication! Thanks!
    14. Michu was one of the members of my recent Tata GO. She was an absolute joy to work with...lightning fast payments of all invoices, wonderful communication...couldn't ask for a better GO member :)
    15. Michu bought a Leekeworld wig from me. Everything went great! She paid right away and kept in constant contact. I'd be happy to do business with her again. :)
    16. Michu participated in my Alice's Collections GO. Communication was excellent and payments were quick! She was always very polite as well and even let me know when the items arrived! Would certainly do busniess with again!
    17. Michu commissioned a kirtle for her Elfdoll girl from me. She was a joy to work with, always paying promptly and swiftly answering any questions I had. I'd certainly sew for her again!
    18. Positive!

      Michu participated in the Iplehouse GO I took over. She was wonderful! Very friendly, prompt on payment and excellent communication. I would recommend Michu to any GO host in the future. :]
    19. I sold 2 wigs to Michu it was a perfect transaction. She was great to work with I'd love to deal with her again. Thank you!
    20. Michu is an excellent buyer, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you!