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Feedback for MidnightPariah

Jan 18, 2009

    1. Yay I'm first!!!!!!!!!! Midnight bought my BBB Apollo from me.She was very easy to communicate with,and payment was fast.I would gladly do business with her again,which I am since she already bought a pair of eyes from me now.Thanks so much!
    2. Great communication and very very friendly! The doll arrived in perfect condition, I would definitely buy from her again! <3
    3. MP purchased a dress from me. Communication was great & payment was prompt. A great transaction! Thanks so much! ^_^
    4. Traded with this user. Communication was great!!
      Very trust worthy for trading. Thank you very much desu-ne!
    5. MidnightPariah bought a head from me! She was super fast to respond to my thread and promptly agreed to purchase. It was made even easier as we live close by and we exchanged our items/payments in person. She's very nice and I would def sell to again! Thanks so much hun!:D
    6. she's awesome!! i bought a sweet little puki from her and not only did the puki get here super fast, she kept in contact with me the whole time - even thought i was out of the country for 3 days durring this time!
    7. I sold a BBB Chun to MidnightPariah. She is a dream to work with - great communication and payment was received at light speed! :)

      Thanks MidnightPariah!!
    8. midnightpariah purchased a fullset Soom Heliot from me. Very friendly, paid when she said she would and let me know when he arrived. Can't ask for anything better. Thanks very much and enjoy!
    9. Midnight Pariah comissioned me to make some cloaks! Communication was excellent, she was very patient and was able to express exactly what she wanted. She let me know when her package arrived. The perfect type of customer! <3
    10. I bought from midnight pariah and she's great to deal with- all went very smoothly. I haven't yet seen the doll but she's arrived at her destination and has been reported to have the best packaging ever ;)
    11. I sold a Soom Super Gem body to midnightpariah, fast payment, great communication, and she was very patient and understanding when the post office screwed up her tracking. Thanks again! :)
    12. i bought a head from MidnightPariah, she was great with understanding that i was interested in the head but i couldnt afford it at the time and put it on hold for me. the head came in quickly and everthing went well. amazing seller and would buy from again.
    13. I bought a Heliot bow from midnightpariah and the transaction went very smoothly. She shipped quickly, packed very well and gave me tracking.

      I highly recommend.
    14. I bought Heliot head and clothes/wig with a SG body. He looks great and got here fast! Thanks very much :D
    15. I sold a LittleFee Chiwoo to midnightpariah, and the transaction went wonderfully :) mp paid quickly and had wonderful communication--thanks so much!! :D
    16. midnightpariah bought a set of hooves and horns from me, and the transaction was perfect!

      Very fast payment, excellent and friendly communication, only good things to say here!
      A real pleasure to deal with ;)

      Thank you! <3
    17. I purchased an msd outfit (DZ Mo) off MidnightPariah. She responded quickly to all PMs and sent off the outfit the next day. It arrived in excellent condition :)

      Highly recommended!

      Thank you :)

    18. I bought a BBB Chun head from MidnightPariah.This transaction was so easy & fast!!!
      Thank you so much for selling me the head for my husband"s first doll!!!!
    19. I bought a Puki from MidnightPariah. She arrived in perfect condtion, and promptly too. A pleasure to deal and great communication. I can highly recommend MidnightPariah. Thank you!