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Feedback for Midori

Sep 7, 2006

    1. Anyone who have done a transaction with me in anyway, post comments here! :D
    2. I had a wonderful transaction with Midori! She paid right away - and was super patient when I accidentally sent her the wrong email. ^^;
      Nice PM's, too!
      I would recommend dealing with her!
    3. bought some items from midori, they came quickly and as described, no problems, would recommend as a seller!
    4. Fast Payment. Smooth transation, excellent customer. ^^ Please visit again.
    5. Midori bought a doll skirt from me and paid promptly.

    6. Bought from Midori, excellent seller, awesome to deal with! :D
    7. My first doll purchase via the marketplace and Midori was totally and completely awesome:)
      I paid for Bee-A on...friday night? Saturday? Got notification on monday she was shipped and doll arrived wednesday (today)! :o Really couldn't be more pleased, Bee-A is just as described and in excellent condition:D Thank you thank you!!
    8. I just sold a dress to Midori. She paid very quickly and was very friendly and fast to respond to PMs. I would definitely engage in transactions with her in the future. :D
    9. I bought a dress from Midori. Very fast shipping. I would highly recommend Midori. :aheartbea
    10. I sold a plush to Midori. She's an fantastic buyer, very friendly and prompt to pay. I highly recommend her ^__^ !
    11. Midori is lovely seller and I would recommand her definitely. The head I bought from her was securely packed and shipped promptly , good communication throughout the transaction. A very reliable seller to deal with :) Thx again!!
    12. Bought a wig, communication was great and it was shipped super fast! Thanks a bunch
    13. Midori participated in a recent Dollmore group order I hosted and could not have been more of a pleasure to work with! Communication was great & payments were quick. I would highly recommend & would love to have participate in any future orders! Thank you! ^_^
    14. Midori took part in my Luts group order!^_^ She paid fast and was very nice! I will definately do business with her again!
    15. I sold a pair of shoes to Midori ^^ All perfect, good comunication! ^__^ Thank you ;)
    16. Midori participated in my Volks International Memorial Items Group Order.
      Payments came through quickly and communication was well kept.
      I would love to work with Midori again. Thank you so much for joining my GO!
    17. Midori bought a Dollheart outfit from me, and was a total peach....quick payment, great communication, and let me know right away when it arrived! Thanks Midori!

      Highly recommended!

    18. I bought a dress from Midori. She was polite, quick to reply and kept me well informed. The dress is lovely, mint condition.

      Thank you!
    19. I bought a Friends 2B Made Purple Halter from Midori! She's a pleasure to deal with and has great communication. I would gladly buy again from her anytime!
    20. I just bought a hakama set from Midori. She's just delightful and the outfit is simply gorgeous! :)