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Feedback for MihaelKeehl

Dec 18, 2009

    1. Hi guys! Please post your feedback for my here :candycane
      Thank you very much :thumbup
    2. I sold a FL Breakaway scar head to MihaelKeehl and she was wonderful to deal with. Patient and friendly. I do recommend her!

      Thanks and merry Christmas! :)
    3. She bought a DOC Kirill from me.
      She took a little longer to send me the money or tell me what happened, but everything
      got smooth and nice.
    4. Josephine purchased a set of Dollheart undies/socks from me. She was a pleasure to do business with and she was so enthusiastic every time I PMed her. :) She paid very promptly too, that's always good.

      Take a picture of Mihael with them on for me when you aren't busy~ I'd love to see ~
    5. MihaelKeehl was one of the unfortunate members in the Soom Bygg and Beyla splits that I had to take over due to issues with the original host. Communication from their end was absolutely perfect and they provided me with all the information that I needed in a timely fashion. :) When it came down to choosing a shipping method and sending payment, they were just as swift and I would love to deal with them again, preferably under better circumstances.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for trusting me to take over the reigns!! :pcake:bcake
    6. I sold a Minifee Breakaway scar head to MihaelKeehl and she was wonderful to deal with! She answered my messages so fast :) . I do recommend her!
    7. I bought spiderweb silicon eyes from MihaelKeehl. They shipped really fast and were beautiful. Thank you for a good transaction :) I recommend her to serious buyers/sellers. :3
    8. Purchased a pair of wings, communication was excellent and item arrived fast and safely ^^ Thank you so much!
    9. I didn't bough nothing of dolls from her, but I did bought two CDs from her and she was really nice even with the difficults that we had with the long wait that mail made both of us wait. She didn't took long to ship and always send me PMs, I hope I can deal with her again under better mail conditions.
      (Never will buy anything on internet on December and January eve again x__x Mail on it is TOO slow!)
    10. I sold a Crobidoll Yeon Ho head to Mihaelkeehl, although there were some issues with paypal, she kept me informed and was lovely to communicate with, she also informed me of when the head arrived, I would recommend her as a buyer and would sell to her again.
    11. Took part in my Soom Appini split. Was wonderful to work with, paid in a timely manner and let me know when it got there!:)
    12. bought a pair of dollmore eyes from MihaelKeehl, although they took a little while because they were moving house, they came through just as promised, and the eyes got here soon after shipped! good communication, nice to deal with!

    13. MihaelKeehl bought my kid delf ani and was incredibly patient and sweet. She kept me updated and paid quickly. She was a joy to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better person to give the boy a home.
    14. I bought her Appini Tail and I got it really quick! Great communication and I would buy again from her. Thank you :-)
    15. MihaelKeehl bought my Dollzone boy body and the transaction was perfect. Payment was very fast and I got a PM as soon as the body arrived! :)
    16. sold my mylo rabbit legs to her.
      She is very friendly and nice to deal with.
      positive feedback <3
    17. MihaelKeehl took part in my Lami split. Lovely to deal with, would highly recommend :)
    18. MihaelKeehl participated in my Soom Lami Split. She provided good communication and fast payment. It was a great transaction all around and I would recommend her highly.
    19. MihaelKeehl did a layaway for a Minette head. She always paid on time and communication was wonderful. I would definitely do business with her again.

    20. I sent her a B&G boy body and everything was perfect. MihaelKeehl was very kind and patient, and paid very very quickly! It was a wonderful transaction and I received a PM as soon as she unwrapped the body! :D

      I highly recommend her.