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Feedback for Mikan-Kanojo

Feb 24, 2008

    1. If you have done any business with me, please leave feedback here. :-)
      #1 Mikan-Kanojo, Feb 24, 2008
      Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
    2. I sold Magic Tailor Boots to Mikan-Kanojo. The payment was quick and she was great to communicate with! Great buyer! ^^
    3. I sold some SD Clothing to Mikan-Kanojo. The transaction was very smooth, the payment quick, and communication very easy, a nice person to talk with. Awesome buyer!! =D
    4. Very fast payment on a WS angelo head. Sweet, and very pleasent to do business with. Very patient. :) A+++, would definately sell to again.
    5. Mikan-Kanojo commissioned a face-up from me, and everything went great!
      Quick to pay and wonderful communication. Thank you again! :) :chocoheart
    6. Mikan-Kanojo bought a wig from me and the transaction went smoothly. Quick payment and kindly informed me of when it arrived. Thank you !!
    7. Mikan-Konojo was great to deal with. We did a wig for pants trade and it went very smoothly. Thanks again! :daisy
    8. I bought a 1/3 WS AOD body from Mikan-Konojo and it is puuuuuurfect! Arrived fast and packaged SUPER WELL. A++ seller!!
    9. Sold an outfit to Mikan-Kanojo, prompt payment, very sweet to deal with =) Thank you so much <3 Please enjoy it!
    10. Mikan bought a pair of SD shoes from me. Payment was very fast, and I hope you enjoy them! Also, hope they fit your boy!
    11. Mikan Ordered a Tibetan Wig from me. Was great to work with.
      Thanks for a great Transaction.
    12. Mikan-Kanojo bought a dress from me and was sweet to work with. Transaction went smoothly too. Thank you! :]
    13. I forgot to leave feedback, I'm sorry! :sweat

      Mikan-Kanojo bought a pair of Soom eyes from me and was very nice to deal with! Paid promptly and let me know when the eyes arrived! Sell to her with confidence ^_^
    14. I sold a few items to Mikan-Kanojo. Pleasant transaction, paid quickly. Thanks so much!
    15. Mikan-Kanojo joined a LUTS group order I organized.
      The communication was smooth and payment was swift. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you so much. ^^
    16. I completed a face-up commission for Mikan-Kanojo and the transaction was perfect! ^-^

      Accurately described what she was looking for, shipping to me was quick, communication excellent and very pleasant, payment swift.

      I would certainly do business with her again!
      Thank you!
    17. Mikan-Kanojo sold me a 5Star Tong Tong plus extras (wig, dress, socks, eyes, necklace). She was a pleasure to deal with, and it was a great transaction at a very good price. She was very quick to reply to my PMs and went out of her way to be accomodating. I would recommend transacting with Mikan-Kanojo - She's lovely !
    18. Bought a MNF Shiwoo head from me and communication + payment went smoothly, great buyer ;)
    19. I purchased a full doll Luts Delf Miyu from Mikan-Kanojo and she was wonderful!! She shipped her immediately and packaged the doll extremely well and was just a pleasure to talk with!! She included some clothes too!! I would buy from her again anytime! Thank you for a wonderful doll!! :aheartbea
    20. @Mikan-Kanojo purchased a pair of Mako Eyes from me, and it was a pleasure doing business. Communication was always friendly, payment was timely, and I was informed that the package arrived safely. Thank you so much for the great transaction. I would be happy to do business again in the future! :hug: