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Feedback for MikaRen

Apr 25, 2009

    1. So this will be my feedback thread since I don't think I have one. I couldn't find one.
    2. Desiree was a perfect customer! She was always in touch with me regarding when payment would arrive, and always quick to answer PMs or emails! Fantastic transaction! Enjoy the little guy, he needed a home where he would get more love and attention.
    3. mika purchased a puki plate from me and transaction went very smoothely
    4. desiree has purchased two plates from me...I think that's it lol...both times were great :D
    5. Mikaren bought 2 WS puki bodies from me, A+++ buyer great communication :D and her girls look adorable :p
    6. I sold a DZ Mo-2 to MikaRen and it was a great transaction! She paid right away and I enjoyed keeping contact with her until the doll's arrival. She's a sweetheart! Thanks~♡
    7. sold some food items to this person. They paid in a timely manner and were very pleasent to talk to in pms. they let me know when the item arrive as well could not ask for more.
    8. MikaRen bought a dollheart outfit from me :D the transaction went really smooth and pleasant ^__^ She kept everything updated and also sent me the photo as well :D thank you very much for everything ^^ glad you enjoy the item!
    9. MikaRen purchased a dress from me. She was nice to work with and had great communication. Love to deal with again. Thanks~!
    10. Just sold a pair of Soom Nada eyes to MikaRen, and it was a smooth, pleasant transaction, with good communication and prompt payment ~ Thank you! :) :truffle
    11. Just bought a WS puki body from MikaRen. Not only is she one of my favorite people on this board, she's a fabulous seller too!
    12. she's really a good buyer , thank you ^O^
    13. Mikaren traded me a dollzone boy body for my dollzone girl body. The package arrived quickly and the body was in wonderful condition. I am very happy with my trade! Thanks! :)
    14. I bought a LY spampy outfit from MikaRen - she even included one of her puki dresses because she knew how much I liked them! I love dealing with MikaRen.
    15. I bought a Puki Puki Pipi faceplate from MikaRen, great doing business with.
      My item was shipped asap, packed very well and arrived in perfect condition.
      She is also fun to deal with, pm'd right away.........Thanks MikaRen for all your help.
    16. I recently sold some puki hands to MikaRen, and it was a great transaction. Communication is excellent, payment prompt, and she was patient with me when I was unable to get to the post office to ship for a couple of days. Definitely an A+ buyer!
    17. I had transaction with MikaRen and I must say she's really great to deal with ^___^

      Highly recomended !!!
    18. a wonderful buyer.
      I sold a minifee tibetan lamb wool wig.
      it went really well.. was wonderful with communication and even got a great picture of the wig on a dolly!
      so great!:aheartbea
      thank you
    19. Thansk for the beautiful whtie leatehr outfit! Extreamly fast shipping.. very satisfied with the transaction.
    20. hello
      I bought a puki body , transaction perfect ! very very fast .
      smooth communication , thanks