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Feedback for Miku_Doll

Apr 2, 2009

    1. Enter here for the feedback Miku_Doll, thank you very much ^ ^​
    2. Miku_Doll bought my MNF Vampire Elf Woosoo ^^ Paid a bit faster than expected, replied fast on PMs and was overall pleasant and nice to deal with. Notified me when doll was received :)
    3. She bought a head. Fast payment, good comunication, everything perfect.
    4. I hate doing this but I have waited long enough.

      Last month, I saw Miku_Doll's thread that she wanted a Limited Dollzone Shoyo (with cat ears) After a few exchange, she wanted the doll so she agreed to the price. She was supposed to pay me the next week. The week came and went, she contacted me and told me, something happened and she would pay me the next week. Since I know things can happen, I agreed to wait a bit more.

      After the week she still didn't pay and now wanted to pay in 2 payments. I said Ok but I had to have the payment before a certain date because I was going away on vacation for a week. The time came and went again, no payment.

      While away on vacation, she told me that she pmed me to tell me her internet went down. So when I come back to PM her and she would send me the money.

      I have been back since 4 days ago and pmed her three times. To know the following:

      1) Did she still want the doll?
      2) If yes, when she could make a payment
      3) if no, just to tell me

      I just want to know where I stand with this issue. She keeps telling me she wants the doll but there is always a delay. If she can't buy the doll then fine, she can just tell me so so I can stop waiting for it.

      The doll has been packed ready to ship for a month now. I do not want any ills towards her, I just want a clear answer and a resolution. If it's no then it's fine and we'll go our seperate ways and that will be that.
    5. You know it would have been nice of you to contact me after letting me hang for a month that you didn't want to purchase my doll.

      Consider it annulled now.
    6. I have sent many PM's to talk to you on the wrist and unresponsive.
      If you want to know more just have to read the messages you send​
    7. I had a good transaction with Miku_Doll. I purchased puki feet from her, and it was nearly seamless. There was a mild hiccup in communication, but once that was resolved (I misread her PM, this was not a fault on her part), everything was good to go! Good prices, they got here in great condition. A very satisfactory transaction.
    8. I had a NEGATIVE transaction with Miku_Doll.

      Long story short: I agreed to buy a Puki Sugar face plate from Miku_Doll for $45, plus $20 for shipping (including insurance and tracking) on Dec. 7th, 2009.

      The face plate never came. Nor was Miku_Doll able to provide me with a tracking number that worked casting doubt on whether or not it was ever mailed in the first place. When I asked for a refund they refused claiming I didn't purchase insurance on the face plate so they weren't responsible. I did pay for insurance, if they neglected to buy it after I paid them that was their mistake.

      In the end I was only able to get a refund by filing a dispute and claim against them with Pay Pal. Luckily all my funds were restored so in the end I lost nothing but time and a lot of aggravation. But I would never do business with them again.