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Feedback for milkcaffine

Jun 12, 2009

    1. Please post feedback, thanks.
    2. I bought a head from milkcaffine. The sale went quickly and without a hitch. Very pleasant transaction. Well packaged and sent directly after payment. Can't say enough good things.

      Thanks again.
    3. Bought a Luts suit from milkcaffine. Communication was wonderful and shipping was fast. I'd buy from her again without hesitation! Thank you :D
    4. I bought a Volks doll from milkcaffine and it was beyond PERFECT!
      The doll is in wonderful condition for it's high age.
      I never (never, never) got a package packed that safe and neat before.
      I even got extras that I really did not expect and I'm still totally enthused :aheartbea.

      Recommend milkcaffine to every ABJD collector!

      Today I got a real treasure and not a used doll.

      THANK YOU!!! :pcupcake
    5. I bought a SDF Ethan from milkcaffine and everything was per-fect &#9829; !! Shipping was done the day after I paid. The head looks as new and was very well packed. I got some extras too :D <3 !

      Thank you again, I never had such a perfect transaction &#9829;
    6. Bough a SDF body from milkcaffine perfect transaction she keeps me inform all way through and the body is very safely pack. Thank You
    7. I bought a body from milkcaffine. It was a great transaction, she was really good about following up and gave me some extra goodies in my box ^_^ I recommend her. Thanks! :aheartbea
    8. I bought an Iplehouse Amy Special Edition from milkcaffine and I couldn't ask for a better transaction. She responded to my questions diligently and provided me photos that I requested concerning the doll kindly. Communication was ongoing from beginning to the end. I felt so happy and satisfied by the overall experience. I recommend her for sure. :)
    9. I bought a E-an from Milkcaffine and she is beyond gorgeous, shipped very quickly and carefully, beautiful clothes and shoes and wigs. You amaze me as a seller. Thank you so very much!!!
    10. I bought a Luts 08 Man head from milkcaffine and it's EXACTLY what I wanted. He has a beautiful flawless faceup and was packaged extra well and with great care. She held him for an extended period for me while I gathered the money to pay for him and I can't thank her enough for it. I would recommend milkcaffine to any buyer. Thank you so much milkcaffine!!
    11. I bought a SDF Body and SDF Ethan head from milkcaffine, and they just arrived today. She is a fantastic lady, who is not only wonderful to deal with, but is also very generous and included so many free gifts.... wow I mean really nice things too. :D

      I would LOVE to do business with her again, and if you are reading this feedback with a view to dealing with this lovely lady, I wholeheartedly recommend her :aheartbea
    12. I bought a Crobidoll Thor head from milkcaffine. Communication was quick and so was shipping, and the head was excellently packaged and in absolutely pristine condition. I would recommend her highly to anyone. Thank you! :D
    13. I bought Luts SSDF Landy head from milkcaffine. Very satisfy! Pleasant communication, quick shipping, very well package and included surprise free gift too!
      I would recommend her to any buyer^^
      Thank you!
    14. I bought a head from milkcaffine. It was shipped very quickly and packaged very carefully. Thank you!
    15. I bought the limited abadon set of armor and clothes from milkcaffine.
      Shes an excellent seller, shipped fast, kept in contact quickly and let me do a 2 month layaway.
      I would happily buy from her again and would definitely recommend her!!
    16. I bought a body from milkcaffine on layaway. She was pleasant and prompt in her communications. The items was packaged securely and the body is in good condition. Thank you!
    17. I bought a Hound from milkcaffine and he is gorgeous! If you have a chance to buy a doll that she has done a faceup on, don't hesitate! She is wonderfully talented and an absolute pleasure to deal with in every way. Very fast shipping and great communication. Highly recommend this wonderful seller.
    18. Hi~~I bought a SSDF Abadon LE from milkcaffine and he is a very nice seller! She responded to my questions quickly and provided me photos that I requested about the doll. I felt so happy and satisfied by the overall experience. I recommend her for sure.Shipped very quickly and Abadon was packaged securely and he is in very very good condition.Thank you very much&#65281;
    19. Bought a pair of SSDF boots from her. She ships VERY quickly and has great communication! My boy loves the boots. Thanks so much <3 ^^
    20. Bought a Dollshe Rosen from Milkcaffine, he was immaculatly packaged and arrived perfectly with plenty of extras thrown in. Deffinatly recommend this seller!