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Feedback for milkdoll

Jan 21, 2008

    1. Herro. :chibi

      Please leave feedback if you have participated in a transaction with me.

      Lauren (aka milkdoll)
    2. Hi,
      Milkdoll's purchased a wig from me, and paid super quick, and friendly!:)
    3. Milkdoll bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    4. I bought a Lati Yellow X-mas Miel from Milkdoll. We had great communication. She is such a nice person to deal with.
    5. I adopted the most beautiful Latidoll Mystic Miel Vampire from the sweet and loverly milkdoll/Lauren! She was very pleasant to deal with and packaged the doll up very securely and shipped her super duper fast to me! She also kept me updated every step of the way! I cannot say enough good things about her!! n__n
    6. :aheartbea Oh my goodness, where do I start !
      [​IMG]Lauren, 'milkdoll' is an absolute GEM ! She's been a dollie-friend of mine for a very long time, and she so kindly saved some of Honeytree's lovely things for me to pick out... and I've been a huge fan of Honeytree since the entire time-life of our friendship ! So, it truly meant incredibly much to me.. and as if that wasn't enough, Lauren so sweetly sent them to me via priority shipment with a tracking number, even after I opted and paid for a cheaper option. The wonderful package arrived to me this morning(soo fast !), and truly brightened my day with their cute little packing too. :)
      I'm feeling immensely lucky to own such sweet little sought-after treasures from Honeytree's collection and cannot wait to show it off !!!

      I would so happily do business with her again.
      [B][B][I][B][IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/biwjf7.jpg[/IMG] :)
      [COLOR=#cc33cc]Thankyou sooooo much Lauren, you've always been so wonderful to me. :) !!
      [/COLOR][SIZE=4][FONT=palatino linotype][COLOR=#cc66ff]Lots of love to you and your girls ![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
      [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff3366]x [/COLOR]:cake:[FONT=Verdana][B][COLOR=#ff0099] HeartShapeSugarCake[/COLOR][/B][/FONT][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B] :cake: [COLOR=#ff3366]x[/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/I][/B][/I][/B][/B]
    7. I recently adopted Dollmore Kid Girl Cecile from Milkdoll. Milkdoll is a wonderful person to deal with and packaged everything really well. :)