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Feedback for Milkycat

May 15, 2008

    1. Hi! Please leave feedback for me here!
    2. Milkycat bought a shirt from me. It was a pleasant experience dealing with her ^^. Thanks!
    3. Milkycat bought a doll from me on layaway and has been super kind throughout the whole process with good communication. She paid every payment on time and is super reliable~!

      Thank you milky~ x)
    4. Milkycat commissioned 6 pins from me. She gave me perfect instructions on what she wanted so I could get them done quickly for her. She paid super fast and was awesome to work with. Thanks so much! :D
    5. I sold a wig to Milkycat on a short layaway. She is very prompt about payments and her communication is great! I'd love to sell to her again ^^.
    6. Milkycat bought jeans from me...she was a great pleasure to work with! :)
    7. Milkycat bought a pair of eyes and some underwear from me and was super fast with the payment and she was so sweet and such a pleasure to deal with :aheartbea
      I would do business with her anytime! Highly recommended buyer!
    8. Milkycat bought a guitar from me. It is a perfect transaction. She replied and paid quickly. Highly recommended!!!
      Thank you.
    9. I was her first customer, and bought a wig from her~
      She was awesome. ^^
      Great communication! Wig is in great condition~ (soooffttt *hugs* XDD)
      If she ever sells again, I recommend buying from her. 8D
    10. I sold SD shirt to her.
      She is a good buyer.
      The payment was fast and she is very sweet and understanding person.
      However, regarding major concern with our topic of communication, I recommend her to get shipping method with tracking number even if they will cost more, because she needed constant reassurance regarding shipping.
      If not, please give it at least 2~3 weeks before starting to worry because the delivery time may vary from place to place.
      Thank you!
    11. Bought some kick-arse boots from Milkycat, communication was great and they arrived safe and sound, good as new. Thanks so much!
    12. She commissioned bracelets from and and told me exactly what she wanted. The payment was extremely quick and making the bracelets were fun. Thank you very much for being my first customer!
      Recommended buyer!
    13. Milkycat bought eyes from me, great transaction~
    14. MilkyCat is an awesome buyer :aheartbea, highly reccomended :D :aheartbea
    15. I recently sold a SD sized, fishnet shirt to MilkyCat and the transaction couldn't have gone better. c: I apologize for the slight wait in shipping! But she was wonderful to deal with, very polite and quick to respond, I wouldn't hesistate to do business with her again! <3
    16. Milkycat purchased some pants from me. Her PMs were friendly and payment was right on time. It was an all-around great transaction.
      Thanks so much.
    17. I bought a sweater from Milkycat. She was very nice and helpful and took extra pictures so I could make sure everything was how I wanted it. She even checked in when she thought the delivery was taking too long! I was very happy with how everything went and would definately buy from her again:aheartbea
    18. I bought 5 articles of clothing from Milkycat, she rocks.Milkycat responded quickly to my pm's & mailed super quick.I would buy from milkycat over & over again.
      thank you sooo much.
    19. Milkycat bought a head from me and she was wonderful to work with. She was very understanding when I accidentally forgot to include the wigs and eyes in the box @_@; Sorry again! >o> Great communication too!
    20. I bought some tiny clothes from Milkycat and she was great to deal with. Prompt communication and quick shipping. Great seller! :)