Feedback for Milkyselenite

Aug 9, 2016

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    2. @milkyselenite bought a Switch Rosy White Waseon from me and paid lightning fast, was fantastic on communication, and let me know immediately when he arrived. Thank you for such a swift, perfect transaction! I'd gladly do business with you again! <3
    3. @milkyselenite bought a vito boy body from me and it was a great transaction. Fast payment, very smooth communication and nice person. Thank you very much! Highly recommended!
    4. I responded to milkyselenite's WTB thread for a April doll Rebecca head.
      Payment was swift and communication was friendly. Really wonderful to work with! Thanks again!
    5. Milkyselenite is a great buyer. She pay super fast and was very friendly and kind during the whole transaction. She also kept me updated :) I recommend her :) A++++

      Thank you so much :)
    6. I sold a rose wreath/headband to Milkyselenite and I highly rocommend her as a buyer - she paid very fast and kept in touch throughout the whole time. Plus, a sweetheart <3
    7. I did a makeup for Milkyselenite's doll, she's very patient as I was sick for a week so the makeup were delayed, and thanks for like my work!:)
    8. milkyselenite commissioned me for a faceup for her Kanadoll Adrian head. She packaged everything well and I received her head quickly. Communication was kind, quick, and overall very pleasant. It was such a smooth transaction that I would feel honored to be commissioned by her again in the future!
    9. I did a trade with milkyselinite: custom clothes for her FID Lawrence head. I could not be happier with the transaction. Communication was prompt and friendly, and the whole commission was really a joy to work on! As for the head--he arrived packaged perfectly, and he's everything I hoped for! Thanks so much!
    10. milkyselenite purchased my Soul Vito Jin. It was a perfect transaction, with prompt payment and friendly conversation, and she let me know as soon as he arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Great buyer! :thumbup
    11. Milkyselenite joined my Souldoll split and we had a great transaction! Because she was taking the body, she ordered the doll to save on shipping costs. Communication was open and quick, and she shipped the head to me very promptly after receiving it. I'd be happy to do business with her again in the future