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Feedback for Miluriel

May 5, 2010

    1. So... I thought I´t woulbe good to open a feedback-thread, since I´ve made some transactions now. If you want, give me your feedback :)
    2. Miluriel took part in my Soom split. Communication was flawless and payments were made promptly. An excellent buyer to match an excellent transaction.

      I'd work with her again without hesitation!
      Thank you so much! :)
    3. It really bugs me that I can't edit this post, because I really don't know what happened when I typed this. Oh well... I guess I will have to read this for eternity and just wonder what an idiot I was a few years ago, not double checking my posts before sending them. I'm not really an idiot though. I am able to, like, pay you your money. Or send you things in the mail. Please believe me :D
    4. I bought a Unoa Fluorite from Miluriel and she was a dream to work with, very nice and accomodating and packaged the doll with a lot of love! I definitely recommended her as a seller, thank you!!
    5. Miluriel bought a Soom TG Minette head from me. It was lovely to deal with her. She answered right away, paid fast and let me know when the head arrived at her home.
      Highly recommended!