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Feedback for Mimi-Chan

Nov 30, 2008

    1. I've put in all PMs between Mimi-Chan and myself with personal information taken out to keep privacy. I'm sorry that it's come to this, but I'm tired of waiting and being told "soon" and "tomorrow."


      I was contacted on 11/10/2008 by Mimi-Chan. She expressed an interest in buying my Dream of Doll DoC Si wig from me. The wig is slated for $10. The following messages have been exchanged between the both of us:

      Mimi-Chan: hey i am interested in DoC Si default wig
      i wanted to know whether it is still available and how much the shipping is^^

      My internet went down for several days, so I wasn't able to respond to her until 11/12/2008.

      fuminshouneko: It is still available, yes. ^^

      Mimi-Chan: well great then how much is the shipping? xD

      fuminshouneko: Shipping would be $2. ^^ My PayPal address is: ---------

      If at all possible, please also give me your address here, too, in the PM. I like being doubly sure about people's addresses. XD;;

      Mimi-Chan: oki^^
      i only have 8€ (10$) on my paypal now but i will put the rest on it tomorrow^^
      so you will recieve it soon ^///^

      i will give you my adress now (i hope you meant that one xD)

      (Mimi-Chan's address went here)

      I'm used to dealing with transactions within the U.S., and I immediately realized my mistake when Mimi-Chan gave her address--which is in Germany. When I got the PM, I sent this in reply:

      fuminshouneko: I am SO incredibly sorry about this--I was still mostly asleep when I replied to you last night and, because of that, I didn't double-check your location. @_@;; I quoted you for shipping within the U.S. To Germany will be more--probably around $8 U.S. ^^;;;

      I'm really sorry for that. No more answering PMs right when I wake up. *facepalms*

      She again replied to me on 11/13/2008:

      Mimi-Chan: well good you looked it up XD
      okay then i will put some more money on paypal XD


      I figured that was fine and, since I had already given her my PayPal address, I waited until the next day for the payment. And waited. And waited.

      Finally, on 11/18/2008, I received another PM from Mimi-Chan:

      Mimi-Chan: hey ^-^
      i think the rest of the money will be on paypal tomorrow x3

      I waited for the money and, when it didn't come, I sent off another reply on the 20th.

      fuminshouneko: All right. The wig is still on hold for you. ^^

      Still no money.

      I've sent off another PM on the 28th, but I seriously doubt that the money will be coming. To make matters even more irritating, I saw that the last day that she was on was: 11-25-2008. She posted to this thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=256280

      The money loss isn't that much. What prompted me to put this up is the fact that she received my second to last PM on 11/20 and then, five days later and seven days AFTER she promised me money "the next day," I receive no money, no PM, and she instead posts on a Gallery thread.

      I do not appreciate being ignored and this is not conduct that you should have as either a seller or buyer. What's even more unfortunate is that it looks like she has no feedback thread, so this is going to be the first post in it. Essentially, the reason for this thread and post:

      BEWARE: Flakey buyer.
    2. After this thread was posted--the next day--Mimi-Chan got in contact with me and told me that PayPal was being especially slow in transferring money over, as well as the fact that her electricity had been shut off.

      I received payment for the Dream of Doll DoC wig today and I'll be sending out the wig tomorrow.

      Despite the bumps that happened along the way in this transaction, Mimi-Chan was always exceedingly polite.

      I hope that you enjoy the wig. <3
    3. thank you very much and i am still sorry for causing you problems >.<;;;
    4. Had a great transaction with Mimi-Chan, she bought my Pink Mimi wig and paid very quickly with great communication. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again..thanks so much! enjoy!
    5. Mimi-Chan took part in a Kuroshitsuji GO that I ran. Communication was great, and she made her payment quickly! Thanks for being so wonderful to work with!

      And also, thank Phil for me, too! xD <3
    6. Mimi-chan bought a whiteskin active line mnf boy body from me on 3 month layaway, she kept in good contact with me if she needed to wait a few days for money to clear and was very friendly. Would love to make another transaction sometime, thanks! :chocoberry
    7. I traded my Dream of Doll Ivan for her 72cm body and a dollzone head <3 The trade went super well, Mimi was very communicative and made everything like we agreed.
      Anytime again <3