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Feedback for Mimisstuff

Jun 20, 2008

    1. I would be most grateful if you could any feedback for me here. Thanks for your time.:lol:
    2. I sold a Lati White Lily to Mimisstuff this week and the transaction couldn't have been better. She's a great buyer and a pleasure to deal with. :)
    3. I just completed a wonderful transaction with Miriam for a custom made Elfdoll tiny outfit. It is beautifully made and fits great. Speedy shipping too. Thanks again ... I love it and so does Kai. ;)

    4. Awh thanks Youclevergirl, Kai looks great with blonde hair, love the pic!!!
    5. I have just received the most amazing outfit for Kai from Miriam. The outfit is sewn absolutely beautifully and I am in awe of Miriam's attention to detail. Each tiny edge is oversewn and the ugg boots are fantastic!!! I will definitely be a return customer and would recommend Mimi's Stuff without hesitation.

      Here's Kai modelling some of the outfit (jacket not shown)

    6. I sold my Notdoll Lucy to Miriam and she was the perfect buyer, really nice to talk with too and i can't recommend her highly enough.
      Thanks Miriam
    7. I bought a outfit for my min, its so unbelievable pretty,:D:D I will make pictures and post them, they are so perfect made:aheartbea
    8. Fabulous transaction. I cant even begin to tell you how perfect the outfit Mimi made is. Attention to detail, packaging and communication was a feel good experience from start to finish. Thank you from myself and Shanni

    9. Mimi, you did a fantastic job! I just love my outfit and both pairs of boots. You are so talented, and thank you for the cute donut! Thank you so so much, I must save my money and get more ;)

      #1, Mimi's entire outfit, consisting of pink stockings, smugg boots, an adoreable striped dress, a fashionable shoulder hung purse, a matching snug cap, a wonderful shrug, AND a matching donut! LOL #2 is Liegh, my Lyn, showing off her new groovy black gogo boots ;) Note: she is wearing a Bratz outfit.


    10. P.S. I love the way Min's legs look so long in those leggings! Maybe I should call her Long tall Sally ? LOL
    11. Miriam bought a little doll from me and she was great to do business with. Communication was excellent, she was reliable with payments and she let me know as soon as she received the doll. Great person to do business with!
    12. [​IMG]
    13. i bought two outfits for elfdoll tinies from Miriam and they are just unbelievable in their detail and craftwomanship (new word ;) )! so exquisitely beautiful, i am in love with them! on top of it i couldn't be happier with this transaction, everything went smooth and Miriam is so friendly, thankyou so much for everything! :aheartbea
    14. I bought a tiny set for my tiny Elfdoll girls and Mimi's Stuff is truly perfection. Her workmanship is stunning for such tiny dolls. Definitely recommend having at least one of her designs for your tiny doll. THANKS so much!!
    15. Here's a picture of my MinDelRe wearing her lovely outfit by Mimi. Thanks so much!!

    16. I just received the cutest little boots for my Jin Dal Re from Miriam, they are wonderful, so perfectly made! Jin is delighted, put them on straight away is still strutting her stuff in them. I will take photos just as soon as I can and show them.....if she ever stands still for a moment!!!
      Thanks very much Miriam, I'll be back!
      Hugs, Sharon in Spainxx
    17. I just recieved my gorgeous Puki outfit from Miriam today and I have to say WOW!!! She is an amazing artist and her outfits are so detailed, and not only that but she is the nicest seller ever! I will happily come back for more and more goodies. Everyone should get a little one just so they can have some of Miriam's outfits ;)
    18. got so many wonderful footwear for my tinies- the fabric, the quality, the style are just amazing. I can't say enough wonderful things about Mimisstuff, and no one would ever be disappointed with their purchase..

      Got sneakers, mary janes and a few pairs of boots, and I seeing them in real life just makes me want MORE...
    19. mimistuff recently purchased a tiny trike from me. communication was great, payment quick, and the transaction was smooth! couldn't ask for a better buyer! :) highly recommended as a buyer. thank you mimistuff!
    20. I did a wonderful trade with Miriam, and received two absolutely beautiful pairs of boots - so much detail in something so tiny! And she also included a beautiful messenger bag too - my Elfdoll Lyn is feeling very spoiled!