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Feedback for Minakali

Oct 6, 2011

    1. I've been on the forums so long, I'm finally going to start using the marketplace :o

      Please leave feedback for me here! :)
    2. Minakali bought my DoD Libra, the transaction was perfect! Always responded quick to messages, very polite and overall a completely trustworthy person.

      I'm glad to contribute to your feedback thread, hope you enjoy her :)
    3. Fast transaction, perfect! :)
    4. I sold her a Luts 2011 event head. She payed fast, and her communication was excellent! I recommend her as a buyer and would gladly do business with her again!:)
    5. Minakali commissioned some mini food from me. She was BEYOND patient and understanding. She is GOLDEN and I wish I could cover her with gifts.

      She is that awesome.

      Now do business with her! Go!
    6. Minakali bought a doll from me, always paid on time was super friendly to work with. An absolute pleasure. Thank you!:)