Feedback for Mincy

Oct 19, 2016

    1. :arainclou Please leave any feedback you have for me here! Thank you~
    2. Mincy recently purchased a Doll Family - H Hanjing/Zhuangqi from me. The entire transaction went wonderfully from beginning to end. Communication was great--friendly and thorough. Payment was super speedy and she let me know when the doll arrived to her. Thank you much! :)
    3. Mincy bought a Zaoll Muse on a Fdoll body and clothes from me, and was a pleasure to deal with! Friendly communication and prompt payment. The transaction went smoothly overall. Thank you so much!
    4. Mincy answered my sales thread for a Miracle Doll Vic head. Very polite and prompt communication, as well as payment. She was very patient with the slow international shipping and contacted me when the head arrived safely. All around smooth and pleasant!
    5. Mincy bough Doll Chateau Charles from me. She - very polite, pleasant and punctual buyer. It was very pleasant to deal with her. Payment has arrived very quickly. I recommend.