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Feedback for minmin

Jan 6, 2009

    1. Guess I had best start one of these.. ^^;

      Anyone who has had a transaction with me either as a buyer or a seller, please leave your feedback here.

      Thank you!
    2. minmin participated in a split with me and i would say it was a great experience ^^

      Communication was good and she paid on time through layaway.

      overall a very good buyer ^^
    3. Sold a Kid Belf to Minmin back in January (sorry for the belated feedback). Very smooth transaction and good communication.

      Very good buyer.
    4. just got some amber arms from minmin! thanks for packaging them so well- they even still smell like new resin after the trip :D
    5. I don't think I did this!
      Back in May, I sold my Tender Elf Sha head to her. She was very pleasant, and was very understanding when the head ended up with a smudge just moments before I shipped him off. She paid promptly as well, and let me know when he arrived. I would certainly recommend her ^^
    6. I bought a doll outfit from minmin. Communication was excellent. She was friendly and accommodating, and shipped the items promptly. A great seller.
    7. I purchased a pair of Glati wings from Minmin, she was wonderful to work with, even being so kind as to box them! Thanks so much!
    8. I purchased a DIM elf head from minmin, and I was pleased to find plenty of bubblewrap - she even bubblewrapped his ears extra!
    9. I just received an SSDF body from minmin and everything went just awesome. :) The body was SO well packed in pieces and labelled! On top of that communication was always delightful and minmin was just great to deal with. HIGHLY recommended. :aheartbea
    10. Minmin purchased a Migidoll Tan Ryu head from me. Payments were swift and right on the date, she was very sweet and communication went on great!
      Thank you so much! :)
    11. I bought Soom Cuprit's Limited outfit from Minmin. Arrived today and is absolutely stunning. Would definitely do business with her again! :3
    12. Excellent feedback to Min from me.

      She bought my Sard with faceup and other stuff on a 4 month layaway. The transaction was really smooth; payments were prompt, communication was great, and she even finished the layaway early.

      Would definitely trade with her again. :D Enjoy your new boy! ^^
    13. I bought a tan Ryu head from minmin, communication was fantastic, he arrived well packed and the whole transaction was quick and easy. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again ^^
    14. I brought a Soom Amber from minmin back in july. She's a wonderful seller to deal with, super friendly! Highly reccomended, and would love to do business with her again.

      <3 (8D)
    15. minmin ordered two fur wigs from me and was a lovely customer. Friendly and efficient commuication, quick payment, and let me know when they arrived safely, as requested. I'd love to do business with her again. Thanks!
    16. I bought a Beyla R head from minmin and would deal with her again in a heartbeat. She not only paid half of the international shipping costs, she also sent the head in the cutest little Christmas box which kept her uber safe. The head arrived quickly and in perfect condition. She is a lovely person to deal with too :fangirl:

      Thanks so much minmin:)
    17. She bought the alk head from me. Fast payment friendly pms and great communication.
    18. I participated minmin's split for a Soom Super Gem Dia. minmin always answered my PMs promptly and in a friendly manner. She also kept me up to date on all progress of the GO. I was able to track shipping from both the company and from Australia. The body arrived to me in perfect condition. I highly recommend her. Thanks so much! :)
    19. I bought a Luts kid delf head from minmin on layaway. She was very prompt and sweet in responding to anything, and she packaged it super-well, and sent eyes along with him! :D I'd do business with her again in a heartbeat. =^i^= Thank you!!
    20. minmin had joined of my Soom splits. she was wonderful to work with and had great communication! Thanks for joining, and I'd love to do business with you again!