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Feedback for Minty

Sep 27, 2009

    1. Feedback for me should go here.

      If I forget to leave feedback on your thread, send me a PM with the link and I will get right on it.
    2. Hi there!
      I recently purchased a Dollzone Mo from Minty. Communication with Minty was superb, very quick and prompt here on DOA. We did not use email, just PM's. Minty's prices were reasonable, and when asked Minty provided more pictures and details regarding the doll.
      Minty put forward every detail of the doll, including its sueding, the mark over the eye and the fact the hands were not the original dolls hands, everything was presented fairly and honestly. The Doll was in the exact condition Minty explained and photographed when it arrived.
      Minty also sent with the doll the outfit, eyes and wig, including a pair of shoes. The original box & Pillow. I am Extremely delighted to have purchased from Minty, it was the most pleasant first time buy on DOA i could have asked for.
      The doll is home safe and sound, I paid on Sunday Sept 27th and he was promptly sent out Monday Sept 28th via UPS. She provided Tracking information the very same day he was sent .
      I would Definitely do business with Minty again.
      Thank you so much for making my first purchase through the DOA market place a wonderful experience. your boy fits right in here with us!
      Aka AgentPanda
    3. I bought a pair of green leather dollzone pants from Minty and was very pleased with the transaction. The pants arrived quickly and Minty was very prompt and friendly. A great transaction. ^__^
    4. Minty sent me some parts for face-up and blushing.
      Her communication was great and she shipped everything to me quickly. She cleaned all the peices really well, which I was very grateful for.

      I am so thankful for her patience, when some unexpected delays came up.

      I hope to work with her again in the future!
      Thank you so much!
    5. Bought an MSD top and pants from Minty. Very communicative and friendly and the shipping was super fast as well! The items were very well packaged and perfect condition, they're just lovely. A real doll to deal with. :)
    6. I purchased a BBB Espree from Minty, and I have to say I was very impressed by the remarkably efficient and responsible way she conducted business. She was quick to answer PMs and stayed in good communication throughout. She shipped my doll fast as lightning and packaged her extremely carefully. She arrived in her original box with her protective bag, gorgeous glass eyes, darling complete outfit and wig, and everything was in perfect and clean condition. I am absolutely thrilled with my doll...thanks Minty! I am certainly happy to recommend her as an honorable and trustworthy seller here on DoA.:)
    7. Positive Feedback!

      I brought cloth from Minty.
      With fast transfer money and good communication, I recommended Minty to be a good person to deal with.

      Thank you very much, Minty.
    8. I purchased a Boy&Girl body from Minty. She was very sweet and easy to deal with. The body was shipped promptly, as promised, and arrived in good condition.

      I'm really happy with it. :'D Minty was a great seller.
    9. Bought a sweater from Minty. Shipping was fast and communication was excellent. Thanks!
    10. I bought a Fairyland pukisha from minty. We made the sale through instant message, and she shipped the day after I paid. The doll was exactly as described, and so adorable! She shipped her super fast, shipping on monday and arriving today. I couldn't get in touch with her to ask for a confirmation number, but right after that, my little one arrived safe and sound! And I'm very grateful for the little undies that were included! Thank you minty, for a great deal, and a great buyer experience! :D
    11. This feedback is NEURTRAL:
      I've waited a while to leave this feedback to try and get a response from Minty, but she hasn't been on for over 2 weeks at this time.
      I purchased a B&G Yulion head + extras from Minty. I keep wondering if I read wrong or if it's a mistake on her end but I was under the impression at least that the extras included wig eyes and an outfit (thought the deal was too good to be true for the price). After the head arrival I went looking for the thread to confirm if I had misread to find the thread completely gone and deleted and the clothing posted in the clothes/shoes marketplace. I still honestly feel I got a great deal for my money so I've got no hard feelings about what I did receive. I PMed Minty about wanting to know who had done the faceup and asking why she deleted the thread, but she has only been on one time since that PM and I sent it about a month ago...maybe the PM got eatten but I couldn't judge that by her just being on one time, I get on a lot of times to just check one thing and don't check my PMs
      Overal I received head+eyes+wig, communication was pretty poor, though I forgive a lot of that due to the holidays, but the package was shipped UPS and I was never even given the tracking number, though I did not ask for it specifically,when I asked if it had been shipped I got the response that it had been shipped the day she said she would ship it.
      Still may do business again in the future but will ask a lot more questions and request the item's thread not to be deleted until I have it especially with it having been part of a doll.
    12. I purchased a minifee scar arm from Minty. The transaction took place through IM and she shipped it out the day she said she would. Item was packed carefully and arrived the very next day (I wasn't home, so it was redelivered the next day). Very satisfied here!
    13. I bought a MNF Breakaway head from Minty and it was a great transaction! She was great with communication and let me know about a delay in shipment. She shipped when she said she would and the head arrived in great condition, with a bag of skittles that seriously made my day! :D Great transaction all over, would definietly do business with again.
    14. Minty bought a Dollzone Yan head for me, and was a great buyer who was very prompt with communication and payment. :D

      Thank you so much!
    15. I bought a DZ Yan head from Minty. Good communication, very well packed, fast shipping. Couldn't have been better!
    16. Minty bought a whole lot of Rement from me! Asked me to put it on a short hold and made sure to keep me updated, and paid promptly! Pleasure to deal with, I would definitely recommend her as a buyer!
    17. Minty purchased a School C head on a short layaway from me, and she was great to do business with! Although she's young and it was not easy for her to get the funds, she was always great with communication and we easily worked out a situation so she could pay for the head, and she did. I would highly recommend her to anyone else on here! Thanks again! :)
    18. I'm happy to leave very positive feedback for Minty as a buyer. She bought a B&G Yulion from me on layaway and was delightful to communicate with, made sure I knew what was going on at all times, and was just generally great to work with. :) It was lots of fun, Minty! I hope you enjoy him very much.
    19. Minty bought a Volks outfit from me. She was happy to accept that I was travelling and would not be able to ship right away, she paid on our agreed-upon date, and she let me know when the outfit arrived. Many thanks!
    20. I want to be honest and fair to other sellers, so, I'm leaving unbiased, factual feedback about my positive-turned-neutral experience with Minty.

      Minty contacted me about a Peak's Woods Hucky doll that I'd listed in the marketplace, expressing interest and asking for a shipping quote. I gave Minty a quote of $20, putting the total to $240.
      From 30April to 4May, I did not hear back from her as to whether she wanted to move forward with the transaction or not. By then, 4May, I'd lowered the price of Hucky by $10 figuring the price may have been too high in spite of having originally paid $250 + EMS shipping for a blank doll from Peak's Woods, and that's when Minty decided to PM me back.

      In the new message , she stated:

      I ignored the matter of her only returning to message me after I'd lowered the price, and I agreed to continue dealing with her under the new amount, sending her my Paypal address to seal our agreement, as she'd confirmed her ability to buy the doll in full.

      The very next day, 5May, she stated that a buyer she'd been depending on in order to purchase my Hucky doll-- a buyer I wasn't made aware of, as I was assuming she contacted me with full cash-on-hand -- flaked on her, and that she was going to need a layaway. I understand things happen, so I tried to be empathetic about the situation in order to move forward. She asked if I would accept her $100 deposit and 30-day-long layaway for the $230 amount. I asked her when her buyer would follow through with the remainder (she ignored this question completely), agreed to her new terms that very same day (5May) and requested for her immediate deposit to be made (my requiring of an immediate deposit was quite clear in my sales thread). Here is the PM she sent about her buyer:

      I attached a read receipt on the specific PM reply back (sent 5May) agreeing to her request for a layaway and checked to see if she'd read it the following day (6May). That day, 6May, I noticed that she had, in fact, both read my PM accepting her layaway (she'd read my PM about the layaway the evening of the 5th) and signed online on the 6th around 11am Pacific time, but failed to either send me a reply to my message or send the immediate deposit as she was supposed to do.

      As soon as I could on 6May around 4pm Pacific time, I sent another message to her, stating that because she had signed online and because she had read my message without providing the deposit to hold the doll as she'd agreed (I'm generally extremely patient about this unless someone blatantly blows me off as she did), I would be forced to call the deal off due to Minty's lack of the $100 deposit. I felt she'd ignored me to buy more time for herself. I mentioned that closing this failed transaction would be done after granting her two extra days leniency, and that closing the transaction was being done because she failed to uphold her end of the agreement and send the immediate deposit she clearly knew about when asking for the layaway.
      I gave her until 8May to put the doll on hold properly before keeping the doll up for other potential buyers.

      While dealing with Minty, I'd missed the opportunity to receive money from two completely unrelated buyers, and it's left a bad taste in my mouth. In addition to that, she opted not to respond to a few of my PMs for whatever reason suited her. She oftentimes signed online, but would disregard my messages to her. She never actually ended up disclosing when/if the buyer we were both relying on would do their part.

      Although Minty eventually sent her $100 deposit by her leniency day of 8May, and although I appreciate the fact that she'd followed through to the end and even paid a couple of weeks earlier than her final due date, I have opted not to ever do business with her again unless she absolutely has the funds secured beforehand and unless she improves her communication skills immensely, as she was quick to start a transaction before she had the capability to do so. I personably feel one shouldn't have to attach a read receipt on every outgoing PM just because a buyer doesn't make the choice to respond.

      Thank you.