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feedback for Miraja

Feb 12, 2008

    1. Here is the place to leave feedback for me, whether I bought something from you or sold something to you! :)

      If you would like to check out my great feedback for my transactions on ebay, my ID is wlkeller.

      Thanks so much!
    2. hey!!!

      thank you so much for a great transaction!! you paid really fast so i knew i could trust you ^_^
      i hope you and your girls pamper kirill heaps ahahahaha dont forget to send me pics!!

      for anybody who is thinking of selling to/buying from Miraja, you dont need to hesitate :)
    3. miraja buy me a doll and pay me super fast!! at the moment! Perfect buyer!!
    4. Miraja bought my Dollzone Xi-Aleister from me, and the transaction went smoothly and swiftly. Would definitely do business with again! :-)
    5. bought Miraja my Benetia! Perfect transaction, fast payment! Lovely buyer!! ^o^
    6. sorry, duplicate
    7. miraja bought a doll from me, she paid straight away, communication was great, I would def sell again to miraja and highly recommend

    8. had an awesome transaction with Miraja, she bought my big bust Minifee body, wig, and shoes and was excellently fast at communicating and paid with lightning speed!! thanks so much!!
    9. Miraja bought a hoodie from me, she was so awesome! Paid right away and let me know the minute it got there.... she even bought my Elf Lotti too!

      Thank you so very much and I can't wait to see Benetia in her cute hoodie! :D
    10. Miraja participated in my GO. Great transcation with prompt payment, thank you so much!
    11. Bought a Doll (Uyoo Elf-Sparkling Forever) From Miraja, She was an awesome seller. Great communication doll was exactly as described. She had great communication she let me know every step of the way what was up. Thanks again Miraja! :3
    12. Miraja bought some eyes frome me and she was a pleasure to deal with. She is friendly and prompt and I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you :D
    13. Miraja purchased 2 pairs of Volks 8mm flat back acrylic eyes from me. She was quick to communicate with, easy to talk to and paid super fast.

      Thanks for a great transaction! :D
    14. Miraja purchased three pairs of eyes from me, she was pleasant to deal with and super fast. Excellent transaction.
    15. Miraja bought a head from me. She paid promptly and was great to deal with! Thanks! :aheartbea
    16. Very much a pleasure to do buisiness with. Fast payment and excellent communication :D
    17. Miraja just bought a pair of Soom eyes from me, and it was a super-quick, friendly, and satisfying transaction. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Miraja by PM, and I appreciate how promptly she paid *and* let me know the package arrived safely. Two thumbs way up! :)
    18. Miraja is a great buyer! Prompt payment, good communication, and a flawless transaction. I give her a 10! :)
    19. Wynell has purchased from me here on DoA and on Ebay. Always a pleasant & smooth transaction. I look forward to working with you again. :)
    20. Another great transcation with Miraja. She participated in my GO, very good communication and prompt payment. Thanks!