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Feedback for Mirajai

Jun 28, 2011

    1. Well... since I'm doing that buying thing here is my feedback thread~!
    2. Mirajai participated in my recent LeekeWorld group order and she was fabulous to work with! She is very kind in all her communication and always replied quickly. She paid her invoices right away and as a result we got to put our order in early and take advantage of a one day sale LeekeWorld was running. I'd work with her again anytime! Thanks, Mirajai ^_^
    3. Mirajai bought two pairs of dolly handcuffs from me and inwas paid right away.
      When the post office gave her a torn up envolope , she talked to them and tried to get this straightened out. After I replaced them she was very friendly and patient bout the whole ordeal.

      Thanks again and hope your boy loves them as much as mine do haha. ^^
    4. Mirajai sold me a lovely kimono. Her communication was prompt and friendly, shipping was super fast and the kimono is beautiful.
      I'd deal with her again, anytime!
    5. I just bought a bunch (5) of pillows from Mirajai. They were made quickly and sent quickly and the communication was great! I'd definitely recommend! :D :D :D
    6. I bought a pair of eyes from Mirajai. Communication was great, and she shipped them to me right away. I would definitely do business with her again.

      Thanks again!!
    7. I'm sorry this feedback is a little late >.<

      Mirajai participated in a Dollmore Group Order I ran earlier this summer, and everything went great! Payments were all made on time and communication was great.

      Thanks so much! :)
    8. I bought two more pillows made by Mirajai.

      I LOVE them!

      Very quick ship. Great communication. I'd recommend!

      :D :D :D
    9. This lovely person took part in my October 2011 Dollmore Go, everthing went very very well! Would recommend to anyone (So very sorry for the HUGE delay!)
    10. Bought a pretty robe from this seller it came fast and was a wonderful transaction.
    11. I bought a tie from Mirajai. She was quick and professional and very friendly to deal with! Thank you! :)
    12. I purchased a MSD necklace from Mirajai. She packed it very well and it came safe and sound! Thank you so much!