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Feedback for Mirrin

Aug 11, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback from our transactions here! :)
    2. Mirrin commissioned an art piece from me of her lovely girl, Lettice!! Payment was swift and she was very thurough with what she wanted.

      Thank you so much for your commission and I hope you enjoy it!
    3. Mirrin bought a little devil-hat from me!
      Very sweet, super fast communication and payment. She even sent a picture when it arrived! :D
      I'd love to do business with her again, she was very sweet. :3
    4. I recently did a trade with Mirrin after seeing a DARLING dress she had made her doll - She sent the dress out promptly and it was not only EXACTLY what I wanted but fit absolutely perfect and was very well made!
      I would do a trade with her again ANYTIME~
    5. Mirrin bought a wig from me and she is excellent! Fast payment and good communication~ She is so nice and her dolls are so cute !! =P

      p.s. I really like the picture of your girl with the wig i sold =D
    6. Mirrin bought a wig from me. She was a joy to deal with, quick and friendly PMs, fast payment, and prompt notification on arrival. I'd deal with her anytime and recommend her highly. Thanks!
    7. I asked Mirrin to commission a drawing of my boy Loki, artwork was complete in great time. And when I asked to change one thing, she did. Great artist, and I plan to get more artwork done by her! Thank you. :D
    8. I asked Mirrin to commission another drawing this time of my Arez, I am highly satisfied with the outcome and couldn't ask for a better drawing!! :) Thank you again! Highly recommend this artist!~ :D
      I had a pleasure to sell a dress to Mirrin. And she's a great buyer :)
    10. Mirrin participated in my Happy Camille GO and she paid fast, great communication, all perfect! Thank you!!! ^___^
    11. Mirrin participated in my rock star swap. She shipped in good time and made a fitting outfit. A recommended swap participant.
    12. Mirrin bought a jid outfit from me. She paid quickly, was very nice in her message, and told me when she recieved the outfit. It was a very soft and easy transaction. thank you ^_^
    13. mirrin is an excelen buyer :D , really fast replying , so ya ^-^
    14. Mirrin was in my ForMyDoll wig group order. She was great to work with. Communication was great. Payment sent in quickly. Nothing you can ask more from such a great participant.
      Thank you so much for joining in my group order =^^=
    15. I Commissioned a human hair wig for Mirrin
      i had no problems at all everything went well ^.^
    16. Mirrin participated in my New life Swap, she was friendly communicated well, sent out on time and her partner's items arrived safely, hope to see her in one of my swaps again !
    17. I was commissioned by Mirrin to paint her RS Rong. She was very good with answering replies and she was very patient with me. ^ ^ I would recommend her to anyone
    18. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to Mirrin. An absolute wonder to work with. Payment was as promised. A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    19. Mirrin bought a plaid shirt from me. She was easy to deal with and we had great communication.

      Thank you!!
    20. Mirrin purchased some handmade food props from me, she paid promptly and kindly let me know when the item had arrived. I'd love to do business with her again in the future! Thanks!! :D