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Feedback for Misa

Jan 11, 2011

    1. If you sold something to me or bought from me anything, leave your feedback about it, please:)
      I will leave reciprocal feedback for you!
      Thank you in advance!
    2. Misa purchased Soom MD Alk Head along with its fantasy parts. Throughout the whole transaction, Misa was very communicative, kind and prompt with her payment.
      I am so pleased with my transaction with her and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again!
      Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction :)
    3. Misa purchased via Layaway my Dollshe Hound. Not only was she prompt with payment she was very polite and I have no doubt he went to a good home.
    4. Misa asked me for a layaway for my MD Soom Chrom.
      The money arrived each month as we planned and she had been very kind during all the transaction.

      Thank you for this sale.
    5. Misa bought a Soom Alk from me over layaway. Prompt payments, great communication. Excellent buyer.
    6. I sold my doll to Misa
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      very sincere, kind and polite!!
      we had great communication thanks to her
      even she paid much quicker than she promised
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her such a wonderful person
      highly recommend her to everyone!
      thank you, Misa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. Misa bought my Soom Appini kitten as a full set, and everything was just awesome! We agreed on a layaway plan and i was paid on time... or even very early for the payments. great communication and she was very friendly throughout the whole transaction and let me know as well when her kitty got there.
      Thanks a lot and i know shes in a great home :D
    8. I bought a Soom centaur body from Misa and I don't think DOA will allow me to write the novel I want to for how wonderful it was dealing with Misa. She was honestly the fastest shipper I have ever dealt with, the body was packed with perfection and communication was a complete pleasure. I would buy from Misa again and again and again. My hat goes off to sellers like Misa :)
    9. Misa bought my Lu-wen boy and the transaction was absolutely wonderful! She was patient, sweet and understanding, very prompt to pay and a wonderful buyer.

      Communication was great and I was very happy with this transaction. ^_^ I'd be happy to recommend her as a buyer.
    10. I bought an Iplehouse Zera head from Misa and paid on layaway. She shipped very quickly and was always kind and prompt in her communications. The head was very well packaged, and I can't thank you enough for the sweet gifts! I would not hesitate to do business with Misa again. <3
    11. I bought Soom Teschen/Mylo Rabbit Parts from Misa, and they were absolutely perfect. She's a pleasure to work with.
    12. I got Asa in th mail today! love her! & thank you for the Chocolat!!! What a treat! i have never had Russian Chocolat befor, Thanks SO much!!!!

    13. Olesya is wonderful. She did a layaway for my Soom Heliot and she was a perfect buyer the entire transaction. Very friendly, great communication and she let me know the minute he arrived safely. &#9829; I definitely recommend her. :)
    14. I sold my Hyperon to Misa, it was a real pleasure doing business with her. Excellent buyer, always very polite and friendly, and she even finished her layaway much sooner than initially scheduled. I'd not hesitate dealing with her again anytime.

    15. Misa bought my Volks School A boy on layaway. She made her payments on time or ahead of schedule, communicated very well, and let me know promptly when he arrived. I'd be happy to deal with her again any time, she's a great buyer.

      Thanks so much!
    16. Misa bought a sleeping MiniFee Chloe from me on layaway. She was wonderful to deal with. Great communication and payments were made without problems. I would love to deal with her again!
    17. I sold Misa a minifee shushu mod head, she sent the payment quickly and was patient when it took some time to ship the head. Such a nice person.&#9829;
    18. Purchased a Doll Chateaux Alberta from her and I couldn't be happier! She got lost in the mail for a little bit but that's not her fault at all. Packaged very well so not a crack was on her.She even included a little heart shaped note with 'Thank you' written on it and a bunch of little dolly sized hair accessories :)

      Would totally do business with her again, she's a great gal :)
    19. I bought Soom Feny from Misa. Communication and dealing with Misa was great. I totally recommend her as seller. :)
      Thank you so much! <3
    20. Misa ordered three fur wigs from me and was fantastic to work with! Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and let me know when the wigs arrived safely, as requested.

      Definitely a great transaction and a recommended buyer! Thank you!