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Feedback for Mishika

Sep 21, 2009

    1. Please leave me feedback if you've had a transaction with me, thanks!!!
    2. Mishika bought a pair of Dan horns from me. Super friendly, lovely to deal with. Prompt payment. Recommended!
      Thanks!! :)
    3. Mishika bought a wig from me and everything went perfectly smoothly. Great transaction, thanks! :)
    4. Mishika bought Cuprit's default outfit from me. She paid quickly and was wonderful to deal with.

    5. Mishika bought Amber's hips, thighs and hooves from me through layaway. She was absolutely wonderful to work with, and even though I was in the middle of holiday working when things were getting hectic and therefore couldn't check this site like I wanted to, she was very patient with me, and continued to pay when she said she would. Very friendly. I definitely recommend her ^_^
    6. Mishika was in my Chase split and bought the wolf parts.

      Great all around transaction and would deal with her again in a heartbeat!
    7. I bought a set of Chrom wolf legs/paws and couldn't be happier. She was very patient and wonderful to work with. Would buy from again!
    8. Mishika bought a soom cuprit head from me on layaway. Payment was sent on time and communication was excellent! Thanks so much for the great transaction!
    9. Mishika bought Cuprit horns from me.
      Very easy to deal with, very kind. Payment was made very fast!
      Would definately have more transactions. :)
    10. Mish ordered the Tedros chimera parts with me ;D She was great about making payments in a timely manner, and was understanding about me having to wait till monday to send the parts! I'd be happy to split with her again! :D
    11. Mishika participated in my Soom Chalco split, purchasing the hooves. She was so easy to deal with, a punctual layaway payer with great communication. She let me know promptly when the hooves arrived. I would recommend her to anyone on DoA without question. Thanks!!
    12. Just finished up a perfect layaway with Mishika. Payment was super prompt, communication was friendly and flawless and generally I couldn't have asked for a better buyer. Wonderful to deal with and highly recommended. :) Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    13. sold some hoofies! to Mishika, she paid quickly and let me know when they got there! Pretty good all around!! :)
    14. Mishika participated in my Chalco split for his hooves. Her layaway payments were again prompt and she's all around great to work with. This wasn't our first transaction, and if she ever wants to buy something else I'm selling, I know I can depend on her! :D
    15. Mishika was part of my tan Chalco split and I couldn't have asked for a better split partner. Her payment was prompt and her communication was always friendly and timely. She let me know when the items arrived and that they were in one piece! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! Thank you!
    16. Sold a customized handmade furwig to Mishika. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    17. Mishika participated in my Soom Bronze Aphan split for the horns. She was great to work with, paid for her items quickly, paid for the shipping just as quickly, and had no qualms when I had to wait a week for a day off to ship (new job, ick). I would definitely work with her again, she was such a pleasure to have!
    18. Mishika participated in my Soom Aphan split and she was a fantastic split partner.
      Not only was the communication great, her payments were always made in a timely manner and I couldn't be happier with my very first transaction with her.
      If she was to join my future split again, I would welcome her with open arms and definitely recommend her to others!
      Thank you so much for a great transaction :)
    19. Super positive feedback for Michika from me. :D
      I bought an EID Chase head from her, and it may be the fastest, most smooth transaction I've ever had on DOA. Great communication. Would definitely deal with again. :D
    20. Michika bought pukifee from me. The payment was prompt and conversatuon was smooth~
      Recommended buyer!!!