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Feedback for Miss Edith

May 16, 2011

    1. Miss Edith purchased a wig from me (Jpop Angelic Romance Celtic Rose Blonde 8/9). Great communication and a pleasure to deal with.

    2. Miss Edith participated in my Dollmore GO and was lovely to seal with from start to finish. Comunication was friendly and polite, payments were swift and she let me know as soon as her stuff arrived!

      I highly recommend her as a GO member!

      Thank you Miss Edith! :D
    3. Miss Edith participated in my HC wig GO and it was a PERFECT transaction, fast payment, great communication, could not ask for better!!! Highly recommended <3

      Thank you very much ^___^
    4. And another wonderful transaction with the lovely Miss Edith! She bought one of my Happy Camille wigs and it was a pleasure to deal with her as always ^__^ Highest recommendations!
    5. Miss Edith was in my FMD GO and was a joy to have! Prompt communication and put up with me very well, lol! Thank you! :aheartbea
    6. Miss Edith purchased Amelia thimble and Hamish from me. She was great with communication (and absolutely charming in her messages) great with layaway payments, and let me know as soon as the dolls arrived safely. Such a pleasure to work with!