Feedback for Miss Hokusai

Jun 27, 2019

    1. Hello, and thank you for visting my feedback page! I would like to thank who ever, has bought , sold or traded with me here on DOA. As well as for taking the time to leave me feedback. Because it means alot to me. :chibi:D:celebrate

      If you would like to look for me on other accounts to view or add to my feedback . I am currently waiting for bjd addicts feedback/ community alert page on facebook to accept my pending post. I will update the status of that as soon as it is up.

      Also I have added a feedback page to my (IG) Instagram account stardustlovetron . If you would like to look for me there. #feedbackforstardustlovetron will bring you right to the feedback page .

      Again sincerely , Thank you ❤ ! Xoxoxo
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    2. We've had a few transactions with dolls/clothes. Everything went smoothly. I'd definitely buy from her again.
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    3. I bought a vanecja outfit from this seller, shipping was prompt and overall a very easy and pleasant experience. She is very kind and friendly
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    4. I bought a Rap1993 Danni from Miss Hokusai. The transaction went very smoothly, kept me updated every time there was a change. Would gladly buy from them again and highly recommend.
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    5. Pleasant transaction!
      I’ve purchased a Lillycat Chibbi Moon from her and she was very informative, helpful and fast responses! Felt very reliable, shipped fast, arrived well.
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