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Feedback for Miss S Bird

Nov 7, 2007

    1. If you've had a transaction with me, please post about it here! :)
    2. phew! where to start?

      Miss S Bird and I had bought a doll together. She agreed to pay him back over time, and paid him off much faster than expected!

      She has also purchased a Luts Yue from me, along with a Black Habit Noir.

      When she bought the luts yue, payment was right away! The habit noir she used paypal for and was an angel to work with.

      Thank you for the wonderful transactions :D i hope to have further buisness with you! *hugs*
    3. I bought the beautiful 'Habit Noir' from Miss S Bird, and received it very very fast, in great condition!
      Thank you very much:)
    4. Sold to outfits to Miss S Bird who was wonderful to deal with. Communication was good and payment was fast. An excellent buyer. Thank you.
    5. She helped parcel and post some doll stands to me (to keep the costs of postage down to local prices, rather than international) for Hellsing365 She posted when she said she would, they were well-wrapped and in great condition.

      We all needs friends like her ;)

      So a warm thank you Miss S Bird <3
    6. (over two years since your last feedback, geeze!)
      Miss-S-Bird sent me her dolls to fix up. She packaged them wonderfully and wasn't afraid to ask me for unstringing-advice when it came to minimizing shipping cost for one SD and an SD. Postal service gave us a bit of a fright, but the dolls arrived safe and sound along with lots of accessories.

      'Missing' in the box were doll stands that I'd given to her and she was returning. Little did I know, this would be great for Wyvern! Wyvern wanted to purchase some doll stands from me, but the shipping cost for two of those were very high from the US to the UK. Miss-S-Bird had (pretty much) what Wyvern wanted on hand, and sent them out for me. Everyone was satisfied in this transaction and I can't be more pleased with how smoothly it went. Thank you MSB for taking part and helping out a fellow DoAer! :)