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Feedback for Miss_Dragonfly

Nov 17, 2006

    1. Here is a thread for feedbacks for my transactions !

      Thanks a lot !
    2. good seller! Have bought a head Belita DIm Doll from her! Fast consignment! Good communication! Recommended!!!:)
    3. I sold Miss_dragonfly two scarves. The transaction went very smoothly. I would happily sell to her again!
    4. Great Seller! I bought a pair of hands from Miss_Dragonfly. She answered all my questions prior to the sale and the item arrived exactly how described. Also fast international shipping. I definitely would buy from Miss_Dragonfly again! :)
    5. I've bought a sd dress from her, nice communication and fast shipping! Thanks!
    6. Got my Kid Delf Ani, it was easy and quick communication. :)
    7. I bought a few things from Miss_Dragonfly; the transaction went through very smoothly! She was a pleasure to deal with <3
    8. Miss_Dragonfly bought Luna (whom I got from Y!J) from me.

      All of PMs were polite and fast. Payment was done quickly :)
      Miss_Dragonfly is a very nice buyer!! I highly recommend her.

      Thank you very much :aheartbea
    9. Great seller!
      She's really nice and reply my PMs quickly.
      All transaction went really smoothly.
      Highly recommended:)
    10. I bought a Dolpa 17 new yo-sd Lin and it arrived fast and in perfect condition,.
      Thank you

    11. Great Seller, I bought a Dolpa 17 yo-SD outfit and I'm very happy with it. It arrived very fast and in perfect condition.

      Thank you very much!!!! *___*

    12. I bought a ton of dollpa 17 outfits, however they got missigned for by the post man! @_@ she was patient with me and an absoulute gem to me! thank you very much!!!!

      deffinately buy from her shes awesome!
    13. Bought a pair of hands (hurrah, H-08s!), and they arrived extremely fast. I'm totally impressed. XD

    14. I just bought a Dolpa 17 outfit from Miss Dragonfly and can not recommend her highly enough! :)

      Quick responses to PMs and quick shipping - wonderful!

      Thank you.
    15. My sister bought a VOLKS SD denim jumpsuit from her through e bay. She was kind enough to wait for payment, 5 days AFTER the auction ended. Sadly there was miscommunication, as my DOA account had been down, which caused confusion over whether the item was to be paid for or not.

      All in all, this seller was extremely patient, she waited a full 10 days for payment and I thank her very much for understanding the situation and being kind enough to send me my dream outfit.:celebrate

      I recommend this girl as a seller!:thumbup

      3 days later:
      I received the outfit in the mail Yesterday. Beautiful! Looks great on Dannie and was packaged well. Thankyou thankyou again!
    16. I bought a NS Juri 2005 head from Miss_Dragonfly. She was kind enough to wait until the end of the week for the payment and shipped the head quickly afterwards. The head arrived safely and before the estimated date (5 days after it was shipped). I highly recommend this seller! :thumbup
    17. Miss Dragonfly is an excellent buyer. Paid right away and let me know that she had received the dress. Thanks so much again.
    18. Bought a pair of DoT boots from her. Great communication, fast shipping! Id reccomend.
    19. I bought a used piece of doll clothing from Miss Dragonfly.
      She replied actively to messages and shipped the piece out very swiftly and safely.
      A trustworthy seller, would recommend.
      Thanks again. <3
    20. Miss Dragonfly bought Dollga/ Leeke: W037_L #Maroon from me. Very positive, communicative, nice buyer to get along with, and she makes payments always in a short time.^^