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Feedback for MissKittyTwisted

May 29, 2011

    1. Well here it is :)
    2. MissKittyTwisted just bought two homemade 1/6 outfits from me. A very friendly buyer with prompt replies and payment. A pleasure to deal with! ^^
    3. Hi,

      Charis bought a Souldoll Morse from me. She is a very friendly buyer. The payment was faster then light. :-) Thank you so much for all.

    4. MissKittyTwisted bought a doll from me. She paid very promptly and it was a pleasure dealing with her.
      Many thanks and would definately deal again...
    5. Sold a doll outfit to her; she was a great buyer to deal with,
      friendly and prompt in payment! :)

      Thanks again, MissKittyTwisted!
    6. Sold a glati to miss kitty, great buyer!
    7. Err, not glati sorry! Anoher doll!
    8. ^___^
      MissKittyTwisted purchased from me a soom biweekly outfit. she paid in no time, and communication has been nice and friendly.
      I highly recommend her as a buyer, thank you so much for this wonderful and smooth transaction!
    9. Brought a Chrom from me, amazing buyer as always!
    10. Sold a doll chair to MissKittyTwisted. Lovely user and prompt payment. Thank you!
    11. I sold a pukifee and realpuki to Misskittytwisted and payment and communication were both prompt. Super nice buyer :) I'd sell to again in a heartbeat!
    12. Misskittytwisted bought my Souldoll Delmia head. She was a great buyer, paid up fast and was really nice to chat to. She let me know when the head arrived, which was much appreciated.

      A big thank you and hope to deal again! :)
    13. Positive feedback for MissKittyTwisted. Purchased a LTF Luna from me, paid prompty and kept in contact through out! Would do business with again! Thank you!!
    14. I sold a Puki Piki to MissKittyTwisted. It was a very smooth and friendly transaction. Highly recommended.
    15. MissKittyTwisted joined my Tata GO and was an excellent GO member! Payments were prompt and communication was excellent. It was a pleasure having her as part of the GO, she is welcome aboard again anytime! ^___________^

      Thank you!
    16. I was commissioned by MissKittyTwisted for a faceup for her doll. Great customer! Fast postage, response and payment. Always a pleasure!
    17. I sold an Amphibel to MissKittyTwisted. She paid ASAP and I'd be happy to sell to her again :)
    18. I bought two dolls have MissKittyTwisted.Прекрасный seller and fast delivery. I recommend ...
    19. MissKittyTwisted purchased a Souldoll outfit from me. The perfect transaction: friendly, excellent communication, prompt payment, an absolute delight to do business with! I highly recommend and would definitely do business with again! Thank you so much! :daisy
    20. I had a wonderful transaction with MissKittyTwisted and even when there was a hiccup she was so understanding and friendly throughout.
      She made it a complete pleasure and I made a lovely new friend :aheartbea
      Thank you so much *hugs* :D