Feedback for MissMistyKnits

Feb 7, 2018

    1. If you have commisioned me,bought a doll from me or I've bought a doll and/or accessories from you leave me some feedback.

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    2. MissMistyKnits bought a Bimong Narae from me. She was great with communication, paid her off promptly, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived safely. Lovely to work with!
    3. MissMistyKnits bought a pair of boots from me and was a pleasure to work with! Fast payment and communication.
    4. Purchased my Minifee Celine sp head in tan skin. Great communication, quick payments and super friendly! Great buyer I highly recommend! Thanks again! :)
    5. Awesome Buyer ^_^

      MissMistyKnits bought a Lillycat Ninon doll from me. She was super friendly, and paid on time. Highly recommended :aheartbea
    6. @MissMistyKnits buy my Lillycat Ninon. She was very polite and accurate in her payments and connection, and paid layaway very fast. Thank you so much!
    7. MissMistyKnits bought a doll from me on lay-away. She kept in contact with me regarding her payments, letting me know when she made them. Awesome buyer!! :):3nodding:
    8. MissMistyKnits bought my Leeke Valentina Head. A nice easy transaction! Thank you!
    9. MissMistyKnits bought my Leeke World Ashley on layaway. Very nice and polite, all payments were on time and they let me know right away when the package arrived. Over all great transaction and I would do business with them again.
    10. @MissMistyKnits bought my Leeke World Alison on layaway. Payments were prompt and as scheduled. Great communication and let me know when the doll arrived. Highly recommended buyer.
    11. @MissMistyKnits bought an Blue Magpie from me. She was a pleasure to deal with. Very polite, prompt payement and she let me know when the package arrived. Thank you!