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Feedback for missyaoi

Mar 9, 2012

    1. Please leave your feedback here for our transactions.

      Thank you.
    2. I sold my LTF Flora faceplate to missyaoi

      +Fast and polite replies : )
      +Paid very fast (and in EURO's, which I preferred ^^)
      +Told me when faceplate arrived <3

      I have absolutely nothing to complain, I'd love to have business with missyaoi again! Bucketful of flowers to you!
    3. Sold my LTF Piki faceplate to her. Great communication, fast paying, overall super person to work with! Thansk again! ^o^
    4. I just end a perfect transaction with missyaoi, i sold a LTF to her and it was the perfect transaction^^
      She is realy kind! paid quickly and answer to my messages so fast!, I really think that we just made a perfect transaction. I recommend her! Thank you so much! <3<3<3