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Feedback for MisticUnicorn

Apr 12, 2006

    1. Hi all!

      I just has a great transaction with MisticUnicorn :D

      She bought a DD2 from me, on layaway, and made all the payments in full. She also contacted me about minor delays, etc. so I knew what was going on with her side of the transaction.
      She also traded me 2 pairs of wings which I am looking forward to receiving in the mail soon! :D

      Her stuff is amazing; go check it out! <3

    2. And more positive feedback for MisticUnicorn;
      I got my 2 pairs of wings and they are beyond awesome. Very beautiful and wonderfully shaped and constructed :3
    3. MisticUnicorn's wings are absolutely amazing, and her service is top-notch. Thanks!
    4. like those above me said misticunicorn's wings are to die for.
      and misticunicorn herself is a treasure to do business with.
      thank you for the lovely black and purple wings!!
      hope we may do business again in the future.
    5. Really lovely deal with Mistic Unicorn - she bought my Bernard^^ and paid for shipping with a pair of *lovely* wings!

      I really cannot recommend these wings too much. They are ingenious and stunning to look at! :D
    6. I recently bought a pair of wings from misticunicorn - and they are amazing in both looks and quality.
      She herself is a real gem and very nice to deal with.
    7. Misitic Unicorn is wonderful!!! :)
      Her wings are detailed, made with care and are a thing of beauty.
      I found her to be friendly, fair and true to her word. She was accomodating when a problem at my end cropped up.
      I highly recommend both her craftsmanship and artisitic skills.
    8. I bought a pair of red SD wings from MisticUnicorn. She was extremely friendly and professional to deal with, shipping was quick, and the wings are exquisitely made! Highly recommended! :)
    9. Just got some beautiful wings for my boy - excellent transaction! Thank you ;3
    10. Just received a pair of MisticUnicorn's wings in trade for some of my items, they are really very nice, and well made..can't wait to try them on my girls!!
      thanks so much!
    11. Just received my lovely wings from MysticUnicorn and I'm so pleased! Professional work all around! Thanks!
    12. I sold my DDII/obitsu hybrid girl to MysticUnicorn and she was wonderful to work with! She was patient with me and very nice :D

      I would love to do business with her again!

    13. I have two sets of exquisite angel wings from Misticunicorn, plus she also built wings and "installed" them on a black Breyer horse for me. Now I have adopted her amazing creation, fairy Elune.
      I'm pretty much convinced she has magic in her hands and can create anything you can imagine! Absolutely wonderful!!!!
    14. I got a set of wings from MisticUnicorn and they're simply breath-takingly awesome!!
      They arrived fats and in perfect condition ^___^

      Thanks so much! <3
    15. Got 2 pairs of wings off misticUnicorn they are really very prettiful! They were very well packaged. I love them loads thanks!!!
    16. Misticunicorn's amazing creation Elune joined our family and is much loved!
    17. I comissioned a pair of wings from misticunicorn. They were well made and worth the wait.
    18. misticunicorn made me a custom pair of wings that are absolutely beautiful. the attention to detail is amazing.
    19. I bought a pair of white wings from misticunicorn and they are absolutely stunning. She is a lovely soul to deal with and comes highly recommended. Yay!
    20. And a quick piccie of them.