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Feedback for Mitsuki_Moon

Oct 22, 2008

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for Mitsuki_Moon so here it is :D

      Sold a AA Shi head to Mitsuki_Moon, she was a dream to deal with and communication was great :D
      Highly recommended! :D
      Thanks ;)
    2. I sold DZ Yuu head to Mitsuki_Moon, she paid swiftly and was very nice to communicate <3!
      Thanks again for great deal :aheartbea
    3. Wonderful transaction. Payment was fast and everything was perfect! Thanks again!
    4. Mitsuki joined my daughter & I in a quick Dollmore GO. She paid for her items fast as well as made sure I knew what she wanted and paid for her shipping when her item arrived as well. Great girl to deal with. MK
    5. Mitsuki commissioned a chinese shirt from me.

      She paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with!

      Thank you!
    6. Mitsuki joined a Dollmore group order I organised. She was prompt with her payment and a pleasure to deal with.
    7. Mitsuki_Moon bought a Kumagoro hat from me and paid the same day she PM'd interest, highly recommended!!!
    8. Mitsuki_Moon bought doll outfits from me. Smooth transcation with good communication and prompt payment, thanks!
    9. Mitsuki_Moon bought a Naruto sand village headband from me, and everything was perfect.

      Lovely buyer, fast payment, excellent communication, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again ;)

      Thanks! <3
    10. Mitsuki_Moon bought a Luts wig from me. She paid very quick and was very nice to communicate! :) Highly recommended!
    11. Mitsuki_Moon participated in my Dollmore group order, and everything went smoothly. She was friendly, had great communication, and was overall lovely to deal with. Thank you!
    12. Hey :) recieved the wig I brought from her the next day. I expressed interested yesterday, gave payment and she posted it shortly after :) Very fast, very reliable. She is also very friendly!

      Would recommend as a seller!
    13. Friendly, understanding buyer! Prompt payment, recommended!
    14. Mitsuki_Moon bought a wig off me and she paid right away! Fast, friendly, and good communication! Thanks for another pleasant transaction!
    15. I sold a pair of 14mm Luts Blue Glass eyes to Mitsuki_Moon, a very easy and pleasent transaction.

      Thanks again!
    16. I sold a pair of eyes to Mitsuki_Moon, who was a great customer! She paid promptly and kept in good communication. ^^ Thanks, and enjoy! :3
    17. Mitsuki_Moon was a member of my Dollmore GO. Great person to work with and would happily do so again ^^

      No problems at all and lovely person to message.
      Thankyou for being a member of the group ^^
    18. Sold a shirt to Mitsuki_Moon.

      Prompt payment and good communication.


      Thank you ^^
    19. I sold a fur wig to Sold a shirt to Mitsuki_Moon. She paid very fast, communicate well and the transaction was wonderful. Highly recommended. Thanks!
    20. Mitsuki_Moon commission me to do a prince of tennis ryoma cap, good communicating and fast payment :3