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Feedback for MitsukiAdored

Nov 29, 2010

    1. Please post any feedback of any purchases or selling I might have done with you ^_^! Ty very much :)
    2. MitsukiAdored purchased a Dollheart outfit and shoes from my sales threads and was excellent to work with. Communication was very friendly, responses were quick and payment was prompt. She also let me know when the items arrived to her safely. Thank you!
    3. MitsukiAdored bought a doll from me with layaway. Everything went smoothly and she always paid on time. I would definitely sell to her again :)
    4. Flaky buyer feedback: MitsukiAdored, while generally polite throughout our transaction, cancelled her layaway with me for a Pipos Alice Jr. based on information that was already openly stated in the thread, and reiterated to her by PM. The sale was in the Graveyard for two weeks before she cancelled, putting me out of a lot of time that I didn't have to spend. As a person she was very polite, but as a buyer I would definitely never sell to her again.
    5. Due to under bad circumstances. I rarely get bad feedback and I really apologized to this seller already. If you have any questions of why I have gotten this bad feedback you are free to message me about it. Thank you very much for reading.
    6. MitsukiAdored bought a Volks Yo-SD outfit from me and paid very promptly! Very sweet and extremely pleasurable to do business with! I would highly recommend her! ♥ Thank you, dear!
    7. MitsukiAdored bought a Pipos Dark Alice from me. She was very patient even though the post office failed to update the tracking and both of us were left in the dark until her little one arrived without any notice! The entire transaction (apart from the tracking hiccup) was a pleasure as MitsukiAdored is a very charming and friendly buyer. I hope to see more pictures of the little one soon! Thanks so much for a lovely and wonderful transaction! :D
    8. GREAT BUYER!! :D

      I sold some panties for her doll and she paid promptly. During the shipping time, we got caught in USPS X'mas mess and it has been 2 months until the poor package arrived to MistukiAdored. However, she has been VERY patient and helping during these horrible months of waiting. I couldn't be happier with her!! Highly recomended, thank you for everything!! :D
    9. Absolutely perfect and lovely buyer! MistukiAdored commissioned a wa-loli kimono for her doll and was so much fun to work with. Prompt payment, great communication... Welcome back ANY time! :)
    10. MitsukiAdored was one of the best buyers and people in general. She was faithful and dedicated throughout long layaway. We did not only do transaction, but we became friedns. Seriously, it is not easy to build a friendship from buying-selling relationship. She paid her scheduled payment on time. She is a great person to do business with, or to simply chat with. :)
    11. I adopted Pipos Alice from Mitsuki and the whole transaction was a dream! She is absolutely lovely, very sweet, and a terrific communicator. Alice arrived in pristine condition, just like she'd come directly from Pipos.

      I would buy from Mitsuki again in a heart beat!

      Thank you so much,

    12. Be careful if you plan on selling a doll to this person, they have flaked TWICE on me. I was being nice and holding with no down payment which I will not do again for sure. This person makes excuses and ended up not buying either doll they were going to. I reccomend selling dolls to other people.
    13. I am trying to resolve this issue but I did NOT agree to this sell. I only considered it but there was no firm YES. The seller kept going on and on with this sell but I wasn't any more interested for a price that high. The doll did not come with full set so I wasn't thrilled about buying the doll. All buyers please excuse this stupid feedback. It is not needed since the seller is using personal issues and black mail to do me poorly. I apologize. I mean, really, read my good feedbacks and then read this one, it doesn't add up to be the same person. I am aware I have one flaky feedback back in December and I admit that one was indeed my fault but this one isn't. So excuse this feedback. It is not needed and already contacted an admin for it to be deleted. Thank you! ^_^
    14. MitsukiAdored is a great buyer. She's very polite and quick reponse. Payment sent very fast.
      Highly recomended!!!:)
    15. Bought mitsukiadored's, leekeworld wig for my girl, was VERY helpful, and friendly. Wig was sent off fast and arrived fast, very well packed. Thankyou so much! Would happily buy from again :)
    16. Mitsukiadored is such a joy to work with~!!! She commissioned me to do a faceup on her DDCH-A (Dollfie Dream Hair Head). She is so friendly and kind! She paid very quickly, her communication is excellent and she let me know all the details of the faceup (which is so important!). She also let me know once the package came in~! :)

      Thank you~! ^O^
    17. MitsukiAdored bought some Dollfie Dream clothes from me. She is very friendly and the payment came in super fast!!! She maintained good communications. A wonderful buyer, highly recommended :D
    18. MitsukiAdored bought DDIII body from me. I highly recommend MitsukiAdored to everyone. Excellent transaction. The communication was great. The payment was fast and correct. Good luck with everything. Thank you!
    19. MitsukiAdored purchased some Volks SD13 high-heel feet from me. I definitely recommend her as a buyer! Communication was great, and she is very friendly and reliable. Many thanks for a smooth transaction!
    20. I traded my Volks DD Saber for MitsukiAdored's Volks Victorique and despite a small hiccup in shipping, we both got our dolls pretty much at the same time and Victorique came very well packaged for her safe journey. MitsukiAdored is friendly and quick to communicate and I would recommend for another trade. Thank you so much! :D