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Jul 6, 2010

    1. :chocoberry I am creating a feedback thread for ' Miyabu ' since I don't know where to leave her feeback :truffle

      my feedback is in post 1 :)
    2. I recently bought a Napidoll Chesi on a Volks SD boy body. I was very pleased with the transaction. Miyabu was very friendly and replied to all my PMs in a timely manner.
      The doll was shipped through fedex and arrived only 3 days later XD XD XD Which was a huge plus for me because I suck at waiting ^^' He arrived well packaged and taken care of.
      Miyabu noted the flaws with the doll ( which were just a broken knee joint common in SDs and restringing- which isn't a flaw at all :) ) He also came with beautiful blue eyes, a nice short black wig, almost new boots, and coveralls :)

      The transaction with Miyabu was great~!!!
      (also, there were no PP fees and the doll was cheap )
    3. I sold her a pair of pants and a shirt. Transaction is fast!