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Feedback for Miyukisetsu

May 29, 2007

    1. Please leave any feedback on our transactions! :D
    2. Just received the Recall head I bought from her. It was well packed.
      Very genuine and friendly seller! Very good communication right from start to finish.
    3. she's wonderful to work with and i love her faceups
      i will gladly be sending more dolls to her <3<3
    4. Commissioned Miyu for a face-up. She was wonderful to work with and so very patient! Communication was excellent and shipping was a breeze. I will comission her again in the future. Thanks! XD
    5. I bought a pair of glass eyes from her yesterday and they got here today! Awesome seller! (Would buy from again) <333
    6. She's a sweety and very communicative and responsive. She just did a Sist face for me and did a lovely job. Thanks!
    7. had a awesome buy from Miyu ^___^ she was absolutely in constant contact and was very sweet in accepting my layaway! =D I bought her Feilian and she arrived safe and well! lovely person to deal with ^_^ A+++++
    8. I just received my James Marster's head back from Miyu for a faceup and he's wonderful! She had great communication and was willing to with my pickiness. I highly recommend her for the high quality of the work as well as the wonderful disposition she has.
    9. Miyukisetsu did a faceup for me and did a great job, highly recommend!!!!!!
    10. I commissioned a face-up, that was beautifully done, and EXACTLY what I wanted!
      She was friendly, kind, helpful, and all around wonderful to work with; she displayed a great level of honesty and integrity as well. Would definitely recommend and work with again~!
    11. Miyukisetsu did a faceup on y 5Star Ryan as she did a fantastic job! She had great communications and sent plenty of WIP photos. I will probably commission her again!!!
    12. Miyukisetsu did a a faceup on my 5stardoll Ria and I love love love her work! She has awesome communication and really wants to please her clients. I would suggest her to anyone. :)
    13. Miyukisetsu did a faceup on my little Impldoll Gela, she even body blushed the other parts that I sent. She was very friendly, patient, and worked pretty fast. The faceup was beautiful and everything went smoothly. :) Will definitely commission again. :)
    14. Miyukisetsu was a dedicated face artist, patient and enthusiastic to work with. I highly recommend her.
    15. Miyukisetsu did a face up on my Soom Adamelli head and blushing on my Sueve wings and hands. She was so great to work with, always kept me updated on her progress and when I got my parts back everything was amazing! The blushing looks wonderful and I am so happy with her work!
    16. Miyu just finished a faceup on my Bambicrony Shy. She did an amazing job! I let her do Artist's Choice and I just love what she did. She sent preview pictures and kept in contact with me very well. I will definitely use her again. Thanks so much!
    17. Miyukisetsu just did my soom sphalers face up and its beautiful...she did the face as i asked and didnt yell at me once....im so picky....
      She kept me updated and sent me pictures of the progress..
      Also sent him back fast and gave me the tracking number.
      I do reccomend miyu and i will be useing her again in the future.
    18. Miyukisetsu's work is great! She's a very friendly, talented face-up artist. My doll looks fantastic and I'm 100% convinced that I couldn't have picked a better artist to paint my Dahlia!! I will go to her again if I need another face-up!
    19. Miyukisetsu did a beautiful face up for my Dollzone Rosemary! She's just gorgeous. I'm definitely going to use her services in the future!
    20. Miyukisetsu did the faceup on my Dollstown Sia and really captured the essence of her timid introverted self. I really love the touch of pink of the tip of her nose! Really happy and I know she worked hard to please me. Would love to use her again.